Sunday, 21 January 2018


This is the first of my Marks & Spencers Beauty Advent Calender review 
and I'm starting with the
 EYEKO Black Magic Drama & Curl Mascara. 
Not a brand we have in SA, but one I have heard good reports about.

EYEKO say they are the experts when it comes to lashes and brows and have
 been working their magic since 1999. 
They're the go to brand for award winning mascaras, liners and brow
 products and they're favoured not only by celebrities but 
acclaimed make-up artists to.

The Black Magic Drama & Curl Mascara transforms your lashes by creating, 
what the name suggests
 drama, volume and curl with an extreme carbon black finish.

The delicate curvaceous helix brush allows for full lash contact,which I really enjoyed,
as it enables you to lift, curl and volumise the lashes fairly precisely.
It allowed for an easy clump free application and that it didn't flake or crumble.
The award winning Korean technology behind this formula ensures that 
the colour and curl are locked in for 12 hours, which I found to be the case,
as my lashes looked as good at the end of the day as they did at the start.
The only downside to this mascara is the slight clean up that's needed after 
application, but it was well worth the inconvenience for the fuller 
lash effect that's achieved. 
I found the best way to remove this mascara was with a cream or bi-phase remover,
as my usual liquid remover just didn't remove it fully.

It's enriched with a conditioning keratin and one of my favourite ingredients
 Shea butter for long term lash care.
This mascara is paraben free and its 100% Anti cruelty.

The packaging of this mascara comes in a squeezable tube, which was different,
 as I hadn't used a mascara in this type of packaging before.

The size of product in the Calender was a 4ml travel size making it half of 
the 8ml full size.

I've already added this product to my next UK beauty shopping list,
as it gets a huge thumbs up from me...

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other of the EYEKO 
products to recommend ...

Black Magic Mascara

Not available in SA



Wednesday, 17 January 2018


My annual "Top" posts are becoming increasingly more difficult each year 
and the face care one more so than the others. 
There are a multitude of wonderful products and brands out there
and this list is made up of my personal fave finds.
I have increased the number of products chosen from 5 to 6 and these 
facial products have all been tried and fully tested by moi during 2017 
and each one seriously deserves to be included in this post.
My Top  6 Face Care Products 2017

My selection does not follow the popular "best in" category format, but it comprises 
of my absolute favourite standout products regardless of category.

Being a mature beauty blogger that focuses on skincare reviews 
I would just like to remind you that my reviews are never based on a one week 
or even a 6 week trial period, they're based on a minimum of 3 months usage 
or until the product has completely finished. 
I not only hate wasting my hard earned money by abandoning a product
 to move onto the next one, but it's not fair to you the readers to review 
after only a short usage time. 

Due to this lengthy review time I don't perhaps review as many face care 
products as other beauty bloggers and hopefully the reason you follow 
my blog is due to the fact that you enjoy reading about creams, serums etc. 
that have been thoroughly put to the test.
This enables you are to be armed 
with information as to what to expect from a product in terms of its 
features, advantages and more importantly the benefits to your precious skin. 

You will already be aware that I tend to review more mid to high end priced
 anti ageing products especially when it comes to skincare, as at 57 years of age
 I need all the anti ageing technology a skin can get.

I will also link my previous years "Top" posts, many of which I still love and
 use today but here are my top picks for 2017.

Click on the Pink Links to read my full reviews and find out what made 
me enjoy them so much...


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask

Since writing my review these eye masks are now available in South Africa

1 mask R175
4 masks R635


Pixi Glow Tonic

Unfortunately this product is still not available in SA,but it's well worth getting 
a travelling friend to bring back for you


Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energising Radiance Masque


The Ordinary AHA 30%+BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Again this brand is not available in SA but there are several 
South African websites where you can order, but obviously at 
higher prices, so again its a "call on a friend" scenario


Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex


Avène Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

I hope you found this post interesting and that it helps you to make a more
 informed decision when it comes to buying skincare products.
I do know that many of you have purchased several of the above already as 
you have kindly let me know how much you are loving them.
However please drop me a comment in the box below
 if your favourite is amongst my top 6 for 2017.
Previous "Top Skincare" posts

Monday, 15 January 2018


How I wish there was, on the market, a truly long wearing, 
colour enhancing nail polish that is chip and peel free.
Over the years I have tried several polishes, top coats and treatments that all claim
to do the above and some do to a certain extent, whilst others fail dismally.
I thought I would put the Swiss brand Mavalas' Colorfix to the test. 

Mavala Colour Fix Treatment is a uniquely formulated flexible top coat with acryl. 
This treatment should be applied over a dry coat of colour nail polish. 
Once it dries, the treatment forms a hard glaze that enhances
 the lustre and colour underneath. 
Mavala Colorfix allows nail polish to stay supple and adds an armour coating
 that protects against daily chipping and peeling.
In my opinion this product could help to give weaker nails
a much needed extra layer of strength and support.

Quick and easy to use, I found this extra step in my "home mani" worth while.
It provides a clear coat that appears to harden and as the name suggests
 fix the colour of your polish and over the days the colour looked as
good as the day I applied it,
whilst providing a professional shine, which I loved.

I used over the top of Mavalas own nail polishes and several others and the 
effect was the same.
There was no crazing or chipping, but I did experience some peeling at the 
tips, but that could have just been some bad prep on my part.

This extra product does come in a little on the hide side price wise, 
but if weekly DIY manicures are your thing then this could be a product
 to add to your kit.

Mavala Colorfix


Available at Dischem and good pharmacies countrywide

Sunday, 14 January 2018


As consumers we tend to be fickle when it comes to buying make-up as we
 chop and change brands often and in most cases too often. 
With regards to skincare we tend to remain more loyal, but with colour we 
are drawn in by the creative ads, 
latest colour palettes, celeb launches, the promises of new technologies 
and so much more. 
Make-up is, in many instances, an affordable impulse purchase and one 
we make without too much research. 
Our cosmetic bags and drawers are no doubt groaning under the weight of 
our make-up excesses as we speak...

I have put together these 3 items that have been my "go to" products for some time 
and ones that I've already repurchased often.
(It's always a good sign when a beauty blogger repurchases a product)

Such a selection of eyelash and eyebrow products can leave you somewhat 
overwhelmed when it comes to making that final decision. 
Over my lifetime I have bought, tried and in the latter years reviewed so
 many mascaras.
 It's most probably the number one make-up item that we can't live without,
 so it's imperative that we choose the correct one. 
My current favourite and repurchase has been the 
Paradise Extactic from L'Oreal.

Eyeliner has been a more recent addition to my make-up bag and over the past four
 or five years I've come to enjoy the effect that a fine black line along
 the lashes can have in order to enhance your eye make-up whether it be a 
soft or bold look. 

The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner from Stila 
has been hogging a place in my make-up bag for several years now and I don't
 see it loosing it's spot in the foreseeable future.

Eyebrow pencils have become a good friend to me as I've aged, 
my brows have become more sparse and lighter in colour and
 dare I say it "the odd grey hair has appeared", 
so the help of brow products have become a necessity. 
Benefit are the brow specialists and I adore their easy to use 

I hope this post has helped you.
Let me know in the comments below if any of these are your favourite
products or better still what your "faves" are...

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Micellar waters have become a firm favourite of mine and there is such a 
good selection available now, that all skin types are catered for and it's a multi-tasking
product that can so easily be incorporated into every ones skin care routine.

I'm not a daily user of a Micellar water, but I often use when my skin requires 
that extra cleansing step, 
especially on those days where I've worn a heavier full face of make-up. 
Following my normal double cleanse, a quick wipe over with a cotton wool pad 
lightly soaked in Micellar Water ensures that every trace of make-up
 is thoroughly removed.
Another favourite time to use is in the morning, as my 3 in 1 quick cleanse,
tone product.
I enjoy the fact that they can be used as a cleanser on the face, eyes and lips.
Micellar Waters are a "must have" when travelling and convenient
 to keep in your gym bag.

I've reviewed several brands over the course of writing on my blog and I've posted 
a link below.

I recently ordered this Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water from REN
on their online 40% off sale.
REN is a brand that I have recently become acquainted with and I am looking to
bring you more reviews in 2018.

To read my previous REN reviews 

REN started clean skincare 16 years ago with the goal of making skincare for everyone, 
even sensitive skin types.
 Their formula's are made with natural ingredients that don't irritate skin. 
Live clean. Bare all. 
That has always been the REN philosophy. 
Nothing unnecessary—just pure, pleasurable, clean ingredients that work. 
What REN claim:
 "A detergent free ‘beauty water’ that will remove everyday make up. 
Perfect for those with ultra-sensitive skin, the flower water acts as a
 cleansing agent to remove impurities and make up while toning the skin,
suitable for even the most delicate eye area. Skin feels purified, fresh, revived, 
and toned without tightness or dryness".

As I've said before in many of my blog posts I don't have a sensitive skin, 
but there are occasions where my skin does feel slightly more irritated and
just needs a little calming and soothing.
Products formulated for sensitive skins can usually be used by all skin types 
and I for one include several in my skin care regime and I also enjoy the fact that
they do not include several known skin irritants and this product is free from:




This product has that wonderful REN rose fragrance, which I adore, however
I did find the aroma/fumes of the product to irritate my eyes slightly and I 
don't generally have any allergy issues, however I must point out that 
there was no irritation to the skin around my eye area.

The micellar water itself removed my make-up easily and certainly left me
skin feeling comfortable and clean.
Overall I enjoyed the product, but obviously I avoided my eye area, 
defeating the object ,for me, of it being a 3-in-1 cleansing water.
I will continue to use and finish the product, but only on my face, as I hate
waste and this product is on the high end in terms of price.
So unfortunately I won't be re-purchasing this product, but it won't stop me 
trying other products from REN.

REN currently have a 20% Discount code and a free gift when ordering from their 
South African Website 

Code is valid until 12th January 2018

Rosa Centifolia 
3-in-1 Cleansing Water




Monday, 8 January 2018


It's time again for a monthly favourites post and the last one
for the year, but I will continue in 2018 to bring you, every couple of months
a blogpost on my "fave" products.
Two of the below have actually been under review for
the several months whilst the other two were discovered and put to the test
during November and December.
Just to give you a heads up - three of the below products will make it onto my 
"Top" product lists for 2017, which I'll post towards the end of January,
so don't miss those posts if you want to know what face,body and make-up
products I rate and highly recommend.


It seemed as though I had been using the 
Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex 
for most of 2017, as this product was not only highly effective, 
but it worked out to be super affordable (despite its initial R990 price tag)
 when you take into account the quantity required
 and how long the 15ml tube lasted and best of the all the results achieved.


Who doesn't love a good hand cream and there are so many
on the market, but the 
NUXE Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream 
was certainly a stand out product and a pleasure to use.



My next inclusion was sent to me by the brand, but as always it
doesn't mean that it automatically qualifies for a glowing review.
Bionike 15 Fruit Xsense Multi Sensorial Oil
from the Italian brand Bionike was easy to fall in love with
and a glowing review was given all round.


No trip to the UK,for a South African Beauty Blogger, would be complete
without a visit to one of the two Deciem shops in London and that's where I 
went in July.
I bought four products from the much hyped brand The Ordinary.
The Ordinary AHA 30%+BHA 2% Peeling Solution 
was a must buy for me,as I always maintain that weekly exfoliation 
is key to a youthful skin.