Monday, 10 December 2012


Let me start by saying that I am not a lover and never have been, of tinted moisturisers! I have tried several over the years only to feel a little let down and disappointed with much so, that I gave up even trying to find one that worked for me! I am a lover of the coverage and finish that a foundation gives me, so finding the right type of tinted moisturiser is going to be a "hard" find!
I know that the different cosmetic houses all have various tinted moisturisers in their product line-up and they sell in volumes,but unfortunately never to me! 

What is a "tinted moisturiser" and what should it provide?
  1. A tinted moisturiser is exactly what it says..a moisturiser with a tint of colour and should offer more "moisture" than "tint".(However dependant on skin type a moisturiser maybe recommended to be used in conjunction)
  2. It should provide all day moisture and tint.
  3. The tint should enhance your skin tone and look natural.
  4. Ideal to use on a relatively flawless, even toned skin, that needs little or no coverage to hide blemishes or imperfections.
  5. This is a useful product to use if foundations are a "No No" for you, as it's a more lightweight and sheer option and will allow your skin to "breath" better, especially if you are prone to facial perspiration.
  6. It should also enhance the colour of your skin without appearing to "foundation like" or thick.
  7. It should be easy to apply and easy to wear.
  8. Some tinted moisturisers offer an SPF whilst others don't. (It is preferable to have  one that contains and SPF)
Seeing that summer is here, I have decided to continue my pursuit to find the perfect tinted moisturiser " pour moi ".

The R&D that the brands put into improving this category of product is huge and has led to tinted moisturisers becoming more than the points mentioned above.....we now have tinted moisturisers that can give the skin a more radiant glow, soften lines and wrinkles,camouflage redness and pigmentation and the list goes on.

In my reviews over the next few weeks I will test "Tinted Moisturisers" and not BB (Beauty Balm) creams, as that is a whole new topic, which I have my opinions on!

The first test and review will be on the following product:

Tinted Moisturiser

So watch out for my post, to see what I thought and to see whether my views on tinted moisturisers have changed..............

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