Wednesday, 27 March 2013


As of the 20th March, the Southern Hemisphere entered into its Autumn/fall season and you can feel that the warm summer evenings are giving way to the cooler nights and the sun is losing its late afternoon intensity. The air conditioner is used less and the windows and doors are being closed earlier and it won't be too much longer before I start to enjoy my fragrances more around the home.

As you know after exfoliation, my other passion is "all things home fragrance" and I definitely burn fragrant candles, use room sprays and keep my diffusers topped up more than in I do in summer, maybe it's due to the house being closed up more!
I am always on the look out for home "smellies" and towards the end of last year I discovered that one of my long time "Fave" houses, Clarins actually do a three product, home fragrance collection, which is available exclusively at selected Stuttafords stores around the country.
This has been a well kept secret, as the collection has been around for several years overseas!

Clarins unique range of products have been designed to create a beautiful scented ambience in your home. All of these products can be used alone or together in any room around the home and do not need to be confined to use in the bedroom or bathroom.

The Clarins Home range combines unique notes, extracted from the finest plants and features:

Egyptian Purple Basil - Refreshing notes, full of natural energy
Indonesian Patchouli – Woody earthy notes for sensual comfort
Lemon,Geranium and Clary Sage - Signature Clarins notes for warmth and well being

The range consists of:

Eau d’Ambiance
Scented Room Spray

RRSP: R395, 100ml

A spritz or two into the air instantly fills the room with a soothing scent. The woodiness comes through making this room spray appealing to males, as all to often home collections are florally and not to the liking of my hubby, this received a big thumbs up, even the "kiddiwinks" made comment!

Lumière d’Ambiance
Scented Candle

RRSP: R630, 180g

I mainly burn my candles either in my bedroom or whilst soaking in my bath and I find the flicker of the flame and the warm glow very relaxing and actually quite comforting. Now add the fragrance of the above ingredients and I was in "candle heaven". The candle burns for 40 to 50 hours. For more info re  Candle Care click here

Bois d' Ambiance
Home Scent Diffuser

RRSP: R685, 100ml

The reeds are simply placed in the bottle containing the fragrance in order to diffuse the enticing scent. Day after day the reeds absorb the fragrance and release the scent into the air around them.
The intensity of the fragrance can be adapted by using more or less reeds. I placed all ten of the reeds into the bottle and its been releasing its woody,warm fragrance for several weeks now. Unfortunately you cannot re purchase any scent refills, which is a problem I find, with many diffusers sets on the market, regardless of whether they are the "cheapy" or the more expensive ones.

This trio of the Clarins Home Collection, in combination, not only fragrances, but decorates your home beautifully but at a price. Home fragrance collections come in varying prices and in my experience you do get what you pay for, both in the quality of the fragrance, the packaging and the presentation of the products. For the Clarins loyal follower, of which there are many, this is an extension that enables you to beautify your home. This would also make a wonderful wedding or house warming gift, as over the years I have often opted for beautiful candles and diffusers for gifting and they have always been very well received!

Sorry to rush, but my Lumière d’Ambiance is flickering and my bubble bath is waiting!


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