Thursday, 9 May 2013


You may have seen me on Twitter "tweeting" often about Bella & Boo natural frozen yoghurt, since they opened their first store in November 2012. I adore this fro yo and it is without a doubt the best fro yo around. Their distinctive "moo cow" themed shops are popping up all over Kwa Zulu Natal and plans are to roll out very soon to the rest of the South Africa, so what makes Bella & Boo, different from the other fro yo's on the market and how did it come about? Below is some background info about this fast growing, successful, highly addictive dessert brand!

Fact 1:
The brains and genius behind Bella & Boo is Peter Cocorozis and he has more than enough credentials in the business to ensure that his new venture will be a household name very soon.Working for Sun International followed by a stint with the restaurant group called Legends, in the late 80's and 90's, he then went on to open a string of restaurants, nightclubs and retail businesses. These were always sold for a profit and most of these restaurants continued trading until today. Peters passion is brand development/product design and interiors. He was also responsible for the whole design concept, so this is one clever man!

Fact 2:
Peters daughters name is Isabella and he fondly calls her Bella Boo. They could not use the Bella Moo/Bella Boo because a national chain had a product on their shelf already and they didn't want to step on any toes, so they threw the "&" sign in and there it was! Bella & Boo...

Fact 3:
Peter couldn't find a decent "healthy option" of frozen yoghurt to buy for his child, so he decided to develop his own! On his travels overseas he saw the fat free and sugar free options were served with fresh fruit. He liked this more natural approach, so Peter decided to do it here in South Africa for his own daughter and family and I for one, am sure glad that he did!

Fact 4:
They use only the best ingredients, natural skim milk powders, Bulgarian Yoghurt, whey, natural sugars, and coconut butter. All of these items are good for your health and thus you can feed it to your families with peace of mind. They have partnered with an ice cream factory and spend many hours on research and development. No nasty additives or preservatives, and no powders here...and you can really taste the difference...

This self serve concept is a great hit with the kids and adults alike, as it enables you to dispense both the flavours, which change daily, and the amount that you want...add to this, a selection of healthy fresh fruit and nut options....and you have a great low fat dessert. Oh! I must not forget to make mention of the "sweetie" options to add on top, but remember that you pay by weight R11 per 100grms, so don't let the kids or yourself get too carried away, otherwise your wallet will also feel a little lighter!

Below are just a few of the flavours on offer and my personal "faves" are Mango, Strawberry
 and their new cheesecake flavour.

Watch this space, as Peter has also developed a sister Coffee brand to sit alongside Bella and Boo.... now that should be interesting!

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