4 February 2018


I was in two minds as to whether I should devote a full blog post to this 
product or include it in a QPR {Quickie Product Review} post later this month.
I opted for a blog post for several reasons, but first let me give you a very brief 
overview of the BioNike brand.
BioNike is a brand of ICIM International, a leading Italian cosmetic company
 that was founded in Milano in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical company. 
BioNike is a word that originates from two Greek words:
    Bios = life e Nike = victory
Their products are free from a number of substances that the dermatological
 literature have identified as triggers for contact allergies, so their products are :
Preservative free/Perfume free/Gluten-free & Nickel-tested
and much more...
BioNike is an affordable pharmacy brand in Europe and available 
exclusively at Dischem stores and like me 
you may have passed the counter many times,
 but never really taken too much notice.
Dischem stock many well known European brands, that are somewhat 
unfamiliar to us here in SA.
This year I'm hoping to review more products from such brands enabling
me to broaden my brand horizons but yours to

I was kindly sent a parcel of products towards the end of last year and in 
amongst the selection was the

  Defence Color Pretty Touch Compact Blusher

BioNike have an extensive range of make-up to choose from with a pretty
good selection of shades considering it's a skincare and make-up brand 
devoted to sensitive skins.

Having said that you don't have to have a sensitive skin to use these products
as I don't have, but I do enjoy their ethos of being "Free From".
This blusher comes in 4 shades and I was sent the 309 Marbre Rose.

This blusher is not only packaged in a lovely rose gold compact, but it houses
a decent mirror and on the whole has a good quality feel in the hand and it
doesn't come with the standard pathetic useless brush {one of my peeves}.

I have to admit the shade wasn't one that I would normally opt for, but
 it provided my cheeks with the perfect peachy soft glow
and I have reached for this blusher nearly everyday this summer.

It has an ultra-fine texture that offers a lightweight, yet buildable 
colour that enhances the cheekbones and illuminates at the same time.
It's super easy to blend and I would say that this blusher and even this shade 
is perfect for anyone that just wants to achieve a quick and easy
radiant, healthy looking blush on the cheeks.
This is now the second product that I have been super impressed with
from BioNike and just in case you haven't read about the other product 
then click on the Pink Link below to find out what it was and why it made

So next time you're in Dischem do yourself a favour 
and check out the BioNike products, as you may come across some affordable

 Defence Color Pretty Touch Compact Blusher



Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any BioNike products...


  1. This blusher looks lovely, I'm very keen to go and see if I can swatch it and if it looks good on my skin, BUY IT!

    1. I found it was such a flattering shade and easy to wear.

  2. I was not even aware that Bionike had cosmetic products. This looks like a lovely blusher for a good price. I am definitely going to have a look at this and the other colours the next time I go to Dischem.

    1. They actually do quite a range of make-up. I found myself reaching for it most days. They have 4 shades n for the price I give it a huge thumbs up