Sunday, 3 July 2016


You will never see me with chipped nails or even worse without nail colour on my fingernails and after all these years, I would feel utterly naked with bare nails and the same goes for my toenails. 
I have several brands that I always gravitate towards and I look within these brands for colours that I like, rather than being attracted to colours in another brand. 
My go to brand for many years has been Essie and over the past 3 years or so I have built up both a good collection and a love for the UK brand nailsinc. 
(Unfortunately nailsinc is no longer available in South Africa, but my UK Kiddiewink feeds my nailsinc passion)

The weather in Durban has cooled somewhat and my summer nail colours have made way for more Wintry shades, that I can wear with most outfits, however they will still look good on the beautiful sunny warm Durban winter days.

These are my current 3 favourites:

nailsinc - Porchester Square
essence - Girl With A Pearl
essie - Merino Cool

nailsinc Porchester Square - essence Girl With A Pearl - essie Merino Cool

Today I am wearing an essence High Gloss nail polish from their recently launched 
ALL THAT GREYS Collection. 
The colour is a slightly off white/grey colour and this is a budget brand that I am going to try more polishes from, as they offer both value and quality for only R39.95
 (Below is only 2 coats, although I do prefer to apply 3 coats as with most colours that I apply)

essence - Girl With A Pearl

essence and essie are available from

nailsinc. unfortunately are no longer available in SA and have repackaged their polishes moving from the round bottle as shown above 
to the new square bottle.

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