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Before I tell you of my experiences with the product here is some background to the cosmeceutical brand


Dermatologists and surgeons specialising in facial rejuvenation wanted to offer technologically advanced skin care products for their patients, to accompany general medical and cosmetic procedures.

Their research led to the development of DERMACEUTIC – a range of cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimise and maintain the results of all medical and cosmetic procedures. 
 Hence you won't find this brand in any mainstream stores or beauty salons.

The DERMACEUTIC home care range focuses on the three essential areas of skin


DERMACEUTIC Nourishing Restoring Ointment 30g R450

I was lucky enough to be sent, sometime ago, their Nourishing Restoring Ointment to try.
Not having had any medical or cosmetic procedures I really haven't been able to review this product fully, but what I can say - if I were to have any procedure DERMACEUTIC would, without a doubt be a range that I would reach for to help care, restore and comfort my skin following any aesthetic procedures.
After reading about their products and history and previously experiencing their 
DERMACEUTIC Advanced Cleanser it's clear to see that this company are the trusted experts.

This colourless, non fragranced, hypoallergenic, paraben free ointment has been formulated using high concentrations of active ingredients to provide long lasting hydration, protection and more importantly, immediate skin comfort.

With sensitive and very dry skins in mind this product does feel far heavier than what I'm used to and initially I thought that this gel ointment would sit on the surface of my skin, but I was amazed at how it was readily absorbed and left no greasy surface residue.
I personally would advise that you use less rather than more as a small amount really does go a long way.

I recognise all of the ingredients below and again it reassures me that 
DERMACEUTIC products are the way to go.

Panthenol 5%
A restoring complex to provide an immediate calming effect on irritated skin.

Bisabolol 1%

A highly tolerated restoring antioxident active to soothe skin and restore comfort.

Shea Butter and Beeswax
Intensely hydrate and nourish the skin.

Vitamins E

Renowned for it's antioxidant properties, vitamin E combats the signs of photoaging and limits their appearance.

Next week I'm off overseas to a wintry UK for 3 weeks and I will pack my tube of rescue ointment to give my skin some TLC during its "shock" phase, which it will go into after leaving the hot and humid Durban spring temperatures of 25c+, to be plunged into temperatures as low as 5c.
On a side note this ointment is also great to use on dry lips and on any skin irritations that need to be either soothed,calmed or nourished

To find out more about the DERMACEUTIC range and stockists


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