14 October 2016


I just had to do a quick blog post to tell you about some nail polishes that I recently bought from Woolworths...

Having been a self confessed nail polish snob for many, many years now, I came across these Pretty Paint nail colours from Woolworths JT ONE range.
I was drawn to the pretty shades in the bowl at the till point and not so much the price, but the price was a pleasant surprise, as they retail for only R29.95.

Pretty Paint JT ONE Nail Polish - Delicious and Princess

My first snobbish thought was "how good can they be for that price"
 and my second was 
"at that price I will just throw them away if they are rubbish".

Take it from me, who has used more nail polishes than I care to remember,
 there is absolutely no way I will be throwing these away, in fact I have purchased another colour.

I found the brush to be good, the application was smooth and it dried really quickly, but my biggest surprise was the longevity. 
I always do at least 3 coats of most polishes and this polish was no different. I didn't apply a top coat and my mani lasted for 6 days without any chips, but there was slight wear on the tips, but for the price I certainly wasn't complaining. 
(I have paid 10 times more than the R29.95  on other polishes only to find chips after a couple of days)

There is only a small selection of colours and the focus seems to be on pastel, summer shades, but I like the look of most of them.
By the way, they are also Vegan Friendly.

I bought the shades Delicious, Princess and RoseQuartz, and I'm very happy with my new 
CnC (cheap n cheerful) nail polish finds.

Below are several of the colours that will most probably be my next purchases.







Available from Woolworths countrywide or online

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