28 February 2018


The Body Shop products and I just don't get along and I know that it's a loved
brand by many, but unfortunately not by "moi".
I have tried many products and with the exception of a couple of fragrances
and candles which I do like,I should maybe resign myself to the fact
that I ain't going to find anything good and move on.
Unfortunately I can't, as I am given a gift voucher every year and I haven't 
the heart to tell the person that I'm not a fan of their products 
(Luckily or unluckily for me, they don't read my blog).

So every year I try to vary my purchases in the hope that I'll
hit the "beauty jackpot" and find just one skincare or make-up item
(and that's not a lot to ask)
 that I could truly rave about on my blog and recommend to you guys
 with confidence, but the honest truth is, I can't and as I'm sure you've 
already gathered this Instaglow CC Cream didn't float my beauty boat either.

The Body Shop claim that their
'Instaglow CC Cream SPF 20 PA+++ goes beyond a CC cream 
it will revive your skin with a healthy-looking glow"
 and this is all it took for me to spend my voucher.
 The appeal for me was very simple, I would wear this on
those lazy non make-up days and give my skin some added protection 
and a healthy glow.

They also claim that this multi-tasking formula:

 1. Illuminates (which is does slightly albeit temporarily)
2. Minimises the appearance of pores (not too bothered about this, 
as I don't have large pores)
 3. Reduces shine (I don't get shine)
4. Moisturises for 24H – making it a great pre-foundation primer
(not too convinced on the 24hr moisturisation and I did use both
 on its own and under my usual foundation)

comes in 3 skin shades:

 Bright Glow
Peachy Glow
Warm Glow

I opted for the Peachy Glow which is for
Light to Medium Skins. The shade on my hand, even though it looked very peachy,
once blended looked pretty good and it seemed to conceal the pigmentation
marks on my hand and give a nice glow.
 It was on the strength of this "Hand Test", I decided to use my gift card
and purchase the product.

Unfortunately what you see in the photo below didn't last too long and
I was left with very little moisture, coverage or glow, but I was left
with tiny specks of gold glitter, which certainly was not what I was expecting.
It didn't perform any better on my face either.

I found this product to be what I call a "nothing" product as it really didn't do 
anything for my mature skin, but I wasn't expecting great things, just a CC cream
that I could wear on easy days to just to protect and give my skin a
healthy glow and not a gold glitter face.
I can't even envisage this product performing any better on a young flawless skin.

Another consideration before purchasing is the pricing, for
R200 you only get 25mls of product, which to me seems fairly expensive.

I'm sorry to say that this won't be making it onto my top list of make-up
products I tried and tested in 
2018, but it may just make it onto my worst products of 2018.

Will I ever find a Body Shop product to rave about?
Let me know what are your favourites in the comments below...

On a positive note the packaging is good and the controllable needle point 
nozzle deserves a mention.
Its also Non comedogenic and dermatologically tested 
and is suitable for all skin types.

Available at Body Shops countrywide.

The Body Shop 
Peachy Glow CC Cream




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  1. Replies
    1. I just don't gel with TBS skincare n makeup and this was no exception. I was disappointed with it.

    2. I just don't gel with TBS skincare n makeup and this was no exception. I was disappointed with it.