8 December 2016


When this Ultra Rich lip balm from Blistex arrived for me to try I was quite excited
Yes I was excited over a lip balm... 
I'm a little obsessed with lip balms and have many in my collection and have tried many more over the years, so hence my little happy dance to try something from
America’s leading lip care range Blistex.

Since 1947 this family owned and run business have produced a long line of effective, high quality and innovative products. In short Blistex are the worlds fundis on lip care products.
The star of this premium lip care range is most certainly the iconic DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment, which I was also sent and will be reviewing in the upcoming weeks.

I decided to put the Ultra-Rich Hydration Lip Balm through its paces whilst I was in a very cold UK recently, which may seem a little strange as this lip balm contains an SPF 15 but my aim wasn't to test the efficiency of the sun protection, as I can do that back in South Africa, but rather the nourishing and comfort aspect that the balm gave to my cold weather exposed lips.

Blistex Ultra-Rich Hydration with SPF15

The newly released Blistex Ultra-Rich Hydration is a dual-layer balm with two advanced formulas developed to work together for healthier, conditioned lips.

The Blue Inner Core: Rich moisturizer content (over 80%) contains shea and cocoa butter, olive oil and jojoba for uniquely luxurious moisturization.

The White Outer Core: Lush protective formula fortified with wheat germ oil, beeswax and ceresin for smooth conditioned lips.

Whenever I go overseas, especially to the UK and it really doesn't matter what time of the year, my lips go into a little "lip spin" and it starts on the plane and as you know everything just dehydrates, so lip balm is applied pretty much constantly till my return to SA.
(I even resort to keeping a lip balm stick in my coat pocket for quick application rather than digging around constantly in my bag)

I give this lip balm a big thumbs up, as my lips stayed perfectly moisturised thanks to the rich moisturising ingredients in the blue inner core.
As for the balms performance in SA with regards to sun protection - It gets a double thumbs up from me, as I have suffered in the past from burnt lips whilst out doing sport and its not pleasant.

The outer layer of the lip is thin, so in their natural state lips are not adequately shielded from the sun. In fact, lips have almost no melanin, the natural pigment in skin that helps screen out the sun's harmful rays. As a result, lips rarely tan, but they can easily burn, so living here in South Africa its a "no brainer", as your lip balm has to contain an SPF.
Fortunately for us there are many of the products in the Blistex range that contain sunscreens and are available from Clicks or Dischems countrywide.
A little on the pricier side for a lip balm at R85 it's absolutely worth every cent...

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