28 December 2016


Every year, around the end of October, I read and hear so much about an iconic Christmas Limited Edition Shower Gel from LUSH called Snow Fairy...

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Now I'm not one to get too excited about LUSH, as some products have been expensively disappointing whilst others I have eagerly given a thumbs up.
I didn't intentionally go out to buy festive goodies from LUSH, but once I was in their store at Gateway I soon filled a basket of Christmas bath bombs, bubble bars and other tempting goodies with names like Peeping Santa, The Christmas Penguin, Ruby Red Slippers and the Magic of Christmas to name just a few.
I then spotted a huge pyramid of Snow Fairy Shower Gels and I decided to see for myself what all the Snow Fairy hype was about, so I opted for the small 100ml bottle and not the 500ml size,which I now regret, yes after my initial scepticism of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel...I'm hooked.

The actual performance of this shimmering pink shower gel itself doesn't stand out above any other shower gels that I've tried, but it's the fragrance that I and obviuosly many others have fallen in love with.
It's an intense sweet bubblegum, candyfloss type of fragrance that lingers on the body long after you've come out of the shower. It can be used as a foam bath and it just fills the bathroom with a pleasing, feel good aroma.
If you're not a lover of sweet scents then I doubt you will enjoy it, but I for one will be excitedly waiting for those glistening bottles of Snow Fairy Shower Gel to make its annual appearance on the LUSH shelves towards the end of 2017.

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