8 October 2017


Benefit co-founder twins, Jean & Jane Ford, created the name "Boi-ing", which is the sound of something springing up...like creases or dark shadows, lifting up & away
 and it seemed a perfect name for this range of concealers.

Benefit fans will most probably know of their previous Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer,
 but this new collection of concealers combines some of their old favourites 
& some new products plus they've all been packaged
 in the pretty pink eraser like boxes.
Benefit seem to have covered every type of concealing you'll ever need.

All of the concealers come in 3 shades

No.1 Light
No.2 Light/Medium
No.3 Dark

I was sent the shade No.1 Light in all four products for this review,  
but I think I could also use No.2 Light/Medium especially as we go into Summer.

I have been experimenting with the 4 products below and it all depends what you require from a concealer 
as to which one you opt for, but I also found that several can be 
used together.

As with the brows, benefit are now a "one stop" brand for concealing and
I honestly think I can give benefit 10/10 for this concealer collection, so they not 
only go to the top of the class for Brow products, but for concealing as well.

Well Done!

Industrial Strength Concealer



    Don't panic! 
    The original boi-ing industrial strength concealer is still around 
    (Formerly known as just boi-ing it's still in the same shades and same great formula!)
    This “stay put” & "hide it all" full coverage matte concealer covers everything from 
    heavy-duty dark circles to blemishes & discolouration. Despite being "heavy duty" 
    its easy to blend, but I advise you use over your normal eye cream
    I found this was on most days my "go to" concealer and dependant on how my skin looked and felt,I then decided which of the others I used it in conjunction with, 
    as the can all literally be used in a "mix n match" style to create the best concealing you can find...

    Brightening Concealer



    Who doesn't need a Brightening concealer, irrespective of age, but I find even more so 
    as the years tick by.
    Say goodbye to dull, tired eyes, dark circles and discolouration with 
    boi-ing brightening concealer
    This full coverage, creamy concealer contains brightening pink undertones to 
    colour and correct under eye circles and imperfections with a radiant finish.
    This works great with the Industrial Strength.

    Airbrush Concealer



    I didn't think that I would enjoy this airbrush concealer as much as I do and I tended to dismiss this one, before I had even tried it, as being the concealer that I would like the least.Well again I've been proven wrong, as I think it's my favourite of the 4.

    This creamy, soft to the touch, lightweight concealer melts on seamlessly and doesn’t crease, cake or crack…so it’s perfect for fine lines around the eyes.
    This soft-focus, concealer covers imperfections all over the face with a flawless finish that’s virtually undetectable. So if your issues are unevenness, fine lines or under eye circles then consider the boi-ing airbrush concealer
    It’s your “real-life retouch!” and I love it...

    Hydrating Concealer



    Boi-ing hydrating concealer was formerly known as fakeup , which I reviewed a couple of years ago and as a hydrating concealer it was great, so I'm happy that they haven't changed the formula or colour shades. 
    This sheer, lightweight product has been formulated to hide dark circles and visibly smooths fine lines as it contains Vitamin E & apple seed extract and this hydra-smoothing formula keeps skin hydrated for hours.
    This is my go to stick concealer for those light or no make-up days or just to add some extra hydration over the Industrial Strength concealer if required on those "bad eye days".It's easy to apply and convenient to carry around.

    Available from benefit counters at Edgars and Red Squares country wide