24 October 2017


I don't do too many "empties" posts for no other reason that I often forget
to keep the empty product, in order to do the photo for the blog post,
I'm just too quick to throw the empty into the rubbish bin....

Here are 3 empties that I have managed to save from that same fate.
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I bought the Boujois Radiance Reveal Concealer back in March this year 
and I always have several concealers on the go at any one time, 
depending on what type of concealing I'm needing on the day
 determines which ones I use.
I did enjoy this concealer and would re-purchase it, but at the moment 
I have so many that I need to finish before I buy any more, but it's one to 
consider if you are looking to 
both conceal and give brightening radiance to the under eye area...

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I have already replaced the Avène Hydrance Serum with a new one, 
as it's become a permanent fixture
 in my beauty regime.I think for the price and the benefits it brings to the skin,
 this is a serum I can highly recommend...

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Being a huge fan of benefit, I was a little unsure about their eye product called
but I soon fell in love and I'm already on my 2nd one and again this 
has secured a regular place in my beauty life...

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  1. I absolutely have to get my hands on the Avene Hydrating Serum! So keen to try it!

    1. You should and it's such a good price for a hydrating serum.