Thursday, 20 December 2012


Yesterday was my birthday and as each birthday comes and goes it becomes increasingly more and more difficult to know how to celebrate it, in a different and memorable way.Without sounding ungrateful sometimes the simple things make the day the most memorable...

My day started bright and early with a 5km walk along Umhlanga beachfront, as I knew that there would be lots of chomping ahead,so some exercise was a "non negotiable" for the day. It really must be one of the most beautiful beachfront walks in the world and I get to do it most days! After all the "freak"weather we have been having recently our typical Durban summer hot and humid weather had returned and at 7.30am the sun was starting to burn and the beach was filling up with tourists....Something so simple as a walk,was actually, so satisfying and memorable... also a great way to start my "Birth Day".

Off to see Joyce next, my trusted friend and always "I" and "My" hair felt renewed and invigorated afterwards, thanks to the chatter and the K mist treatment and the Kerastase Elixir Ultime, both are absolute must haves!

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Next stop was the new Vide-e Cafe that has recently opened in the SMG mini car showroom in Umhlanga, to meet my BFF for Hot Choc, unfortunately what should have been a catch up sitting outside on the deck, turned out to be a "screaming" catch up above the noise of the drilling that was going on generally, as the building is still in the "building" will visit next time when it's all complete! It was my birthday,so we laughed and moved on....again this would provide a different memory of my ??nd birthday!

A long leisurely chat filled lunch was next on my birthday agenda at a lovely classical bakery in Umhlanga called Ferrucci...this deserves a blog write up of its own in the new year. No sooner had we finished lunch and I was getting ready for my birthday dinner out with my hubby!

I haven't really blogged much about my favourite Hotel, but now it's summer you will be hearing lots more about the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks.... And that's where we were off to for a pre dinner cocktail...a Strawberry Daiquiri! And in my opinion they serve the best SD'S, but more about this in a future blog.....

Our dinner reservation was beckoning us,so off we strolled through a very festive Umhlanga village to "Little Havana" and had, as always a "delish meal" again this will be a future post.
To round off a wonderfully hectic and very social day we returned to the Oyster Box Hotel for a coffee.....where they surprised me with a slice of Birthday cake and a Cosmopolitan cocktail!
So I can truly say that my birthday was a memorable one this year....

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