Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Versace launched their latest male fragrance in South Africa last week. The name of this new addition, is one that is instantly recognizable with love, romance, passion and erotica, as it is named after the Greek mythological god "Eros" who was the son of Aphrodite.
The name suggests that this fragrance would make a powerful statement, as being a sexy,sensual fragrance, one that would ooze passion....I can't say the bottle "floats my boat", but what about the juice?

Its classified as a fresh,woody and slightly oriental. 

The top notes are a burst of freshness, Mint Oil mixed with Italian Lemon and Green Apple.
The middle notes consist of Geranium, Ambroxan and one of my favourites, Tonka Bean.
The base notes comprise of Vanilla, Vetiver, Oakmoss and Cedar.

I usually can tell, just by looking at the ingredients, as to whether I am going to like a fragrance or not.
And guess what, I love it...to me it oozes sexiness.
Eros can now be added to my list of seriously sexy male fragrances,which includes:

Fahrenheit (Christian Dior)
Pi (Givenchy)
Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier)

So if you agree with me regarding any of the above, then give Eros a try, as you to, maybe adding to your list of sexy scents!

Check out the gladiator model Brian Shimansky in this 31sec video


Now where's my hubby?

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