Monday, 29 July 2013


I am always in awe of beautiful packaging regardless of what it conceals , but when it comes to cosmetic related items like skin care, make-up and fragrance I am a sucker! I have been known, as I am sure many of you have, to buy purely based on the product's outer clothing rather than its underwear.
All too often designers launch make up collections and even skincare ranges, which are dressed to impress but reveal cheap and nasty underwear.
Regardless of the contents and just in terms of packaging,
 Thierry Mugler in my opinion, has created several fragrance masterpieces!

However I only recently discovered that he has his own make up collection and again the presentation
 looks outstanding.
I love the simple mirror look, all in keeping with  "world" Thierry Mugler.....

Glitter Lip Wax $35

Silky Compact Foundation $40

Lip Pen-Lip Colour $30

Rouge Unique $28

Eyeshadow Mono $40

Latex Kohl Eye Liner $40

Eye Shadows and Light $70

Unfortunately the make up is not available in South Africa, but if you have tried any of these great looking products then let me know! 
If not, maybe check it out on your next overseas trip
 or like me just visit

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