Tuesday, 9 July 2013


For those that follow my beauty ramblings on my blog regularly,you will know that both my teenage sons have had some great successes with several of the LUSH products.
The Mask of Magnaminty and Grease Lightening have been the biggest hits so far with my "Kiddiewinks" and thankfully they have continued to use.

I recently bought them the Aqua Marina facial cleanser, which contains a host of "do good" ingredients that are wrapped in Nori Seaweed which creates a large facial sushi. 
As you can see from the picture below it looks almost good enough to eat.
The sushi mix contains carrageen extract, vegetable glycerine, Irish moss gel, aloe vera gel, fine sea salt, sweet orange oil and patchouli oil, which is then mixed with calamine powder and kaolin which binds everything together.

This mineral rich cleanser is packed full of emollient ingredients to soften the skin and clay powders to deep clean and absorb grease. Only a small amount of this pink cleanser is required to clean the skin, just mix with water and cleanse as normal, rinse and follow with a toner. The boys have complained that its messy to use and judging by the state of the washbasin every morning, it appears so.

The texture is quite unusual, as is the smell, (predominantly of the calamine/kaolin & seaweed),which my boys weren't too partial to.....
However their skins did look calmer immediately after using, unlike some cleansers which can leave their faces red and looking slightly irritated . 
I have to say that this product is a little too fussy and messy for my lazy boys to use consistently every day and they have been quite vocal about this cleanser,so alas this particular Lush product didn't go down too well.....onwards we go!

100gr R105

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