Wednesday, 10 July 2013

iwantmycoffee {REVIEW}

Iwantmycoffee opened only 3 months ago and is already causing a "stir" (excuse the pun) in the world of coffee culture cafe's and best of all, its right on my doorstep!

The creators of iwantmycoffee Ard Mathews (songwriter and musician of Just Jinger fame) and his partner Deborah have nurtured their "baby" from conception to birth and should be proud of how this "toddler" is maturing and surely its a positive sign for the birth of some siblings!

You will find this "babygem" on the ground floor of "Mayfair on the Lake" behind the Chris Saunders Park overlooking both the park and the Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

What does this new kid on the block have to offer?
Its one of those inviting, friendly and want to linger longer kinda places.
The menu focuses on the coffee and drink selection, with a few "delish" sweetie and organic sandwich options, rather than focusing on food choice and the coffee being the add on.

Two experienced Baristas work their magic with the local "Bluff Bru" selection.
 They also offer a South African decaf called Racemosa believed to be the only naturally occurring decaffeinated bean in the world.
Add to this a radio station (iwantmyradio) which is located at the back of the cafe and you have a unique,cool place to chill,enjoy good coffee,meet friends or just people watch. 
For those of us that need to work there is free Wifi.

My BFF and I shared a yummy, huge beef roll (R40).I couldn't resist the "dreamy" Belgian Hot Chocolate (R25) and my well travelled friend chose their Frappachino equivalent Coffreezo (R30) which she rated as one of the best she has had.

iwantmycoffee is a "must place" to visit and for those of you that live far,far away, then I hope for your enjoyment the siblings come soon!

Open weekdays and Saturday mornings and on Wonder Market Sundays.

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