Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I feel somewhat guilty for not writing about this product earlier, as it has been one of my personal "Must Haves" for the past couple of years. L'Occitane En Provence, which is one of my favourite french brands launched their Lavender Hand Purifying Gel (organic certified) as a limited Edition, but due to its popularity and effectiveness they added it to their basic product range and I for one, was very pleased.
It is by far the best of its kind!

Only a small amount of this clear, natural Lavender fragranced gel is needed to perfectly sanitize and purify without leaving any sticky residue on your hands and no rinsing is necessary!
I have tried several cheaper versions,but whilst the concept of the product is good, they always fail when it comes to the fragrance and the texture of the product.
There are no "fails" where the L'Occitane Hand Purifying Gel is concerned!

I always carry this product in my handbag, not because I am obsessed about germs, but there are plenty of occasions where I feel the need to sanitize my hands.
This is also an invaluable "must have" in your babies nappy bag or when you are traveling.
A little goes a long way and my 50ml tube (R105) lasts and lasts,
which equates to "good value" for money in my opinion.

Available in L'Occitane Boutiques Countrywide

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