10 February 2016


Many, many years ago at beauty college I always wore a liquid eyeliner, but as the fashion and beauty trends came and went, so did my interest in liquid liners and I switched to eye liner pencils.
Unfortunately with age the skin on the eyelid becomes slacker and more crepey making it more difficult to draw a smooth, even line along the lashes. 

 That was until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to the Clarins 3 Dot Eye Liner. 
The Clarins 3 Dot Eye Liner seemed to bridge that gap between the ease of using a pencil and the more precision needed for the application of liquid liner.
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However I decided to make a giant eyeliner "leap" of faith and buy a liquid liner, so my search began.
 I wanted one that gave me a super fine line whilst being easy to use and I found just what I was looking for in the 
Stila Stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner..

Available in 2 shades only in South Africa, Midnight and Intense Black, I opted for the later and black it truly is...this long-wearing (does stay all day) waterproof liquid eyeliner has a thin, marker-like tip that glides on easily, without smudging. 
I was a little hesitant initially as it is waterproof, yet it removed fairly easily with my regular eye make-up remover. 
The liquid does dry quickly on the skin, so any errors or slips need to be removed just as quickly. 

Stila Stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner R235

I'm sure everyone experiences the same, whether your using a pencil or liquid, you seem to always apply neater and smoother on one side than the other. The fine tip allows for the finest to the thickest of lines to be drawn with precision and ease, whether you are a pro or a novice like "Moi".
Now I'm not a "fundi" on liquid eye liners, but I have been completely happy with my leap from pencil to liquid and its all thanks to Stila.....

Available from selected Woolworths and online

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