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Living in Durban, South Africa as I do, it would be "skin suicide" to not use a sunscreen with a high SPF daily. Summer temperatures reach the high 20's to mid 30 degrees centigrade on a continual basis from Mid October through to the end of May, with the sun beating down for a good 8-10 hours a day, so what SPF (sun protection factor) should you opt for?
During the summer I use and always have done, nothing on my face less than an SPF 30+ and in most cases an SPF 50+. I have to admit that I have always used on both myself and my family a specialized sun cream for the face and a different cream or lotion for the rest of the body. I am not one to advocate using one of the mass manufactured sun protection everywhere from top to toe but, after saying this, it is better to use the same product rather than go unprotected and suffer uncomfortable burning and damage to the skin.
For many years I have used the RoC range of sun protection,but unfortunately it is no longer available in South Africa, so I was forced to find an alternative. Bioderma is a pharmacy range and a product line that has always just sat on the peripheries of my skin and sun care radar.
Well.. several weeks ago it made it onto my radar and I purchased my first ever Bioderma product..the Bioderma Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Sun Fluide.

Bioderma hails from France and their commitment is to work in close partnership with dermatologists. Bioderma commits to developing for them products that respond to the needs and demands of their patients, treating every kind of skin, even the most sensitive. Bioderma is often a skincare range of choice with pharmacists and retailed through pharmacies in France and Europe. (Almost every pharmacy you enter in France will have a retail section of "pharmacy exclusive" skincare ranges, as the first point of call for anyone looking for serious advice and recommendation of products, will be a pharmacist. These pharmacists will be fully trained in the different houses and this knowledge combined with the expertise in pharmacy is a "win win" situation. Unfortunately this is not a system rarely adopted in South Africa)
I opted to try the Boiderma Photoderm MAX Fluide, but there is a cream, milk and a tinted option available and even a powder. 


The manufacturers claim that Photoderm MAX Fluid offers Maximum photoprotection for skin intolerant to all types of sunshine, very fair skin with freckles, and skin subjected to maximum sunshine (tropics, high mountains)

 The maximum anti-UVB efficacy and unmatched "extreme anti-UVA" performance ofPhotoderm MAX Fluid safely protect against sunburn, prevent sun intolerance reactions and combat premature cutaneous ageing.

 A major advance against risks of cell damage, its exclusive patented Cellular BIOprotection® complex* provides optimum protection for the skin cells.

 The ultra-light texture of Photoderm MAX Fluid leaves the skin feeling extremely soft. Perfectly colourless when applied, Photoderm MAX Fluid spreads very easily, leaving no oily film or white marks.

 Non-comedogenic, Photoderm MAX Fluid is water-resistant and photostable.

 Photoderm MAX Fluid is fragrance-free and ensures excellent tolerance.

I found this product to be everything that the manufacturers claim especially regarding the easy spread ability and it definitely leaves no oily film, which is often the biggest complaint when it comes to using high SPF sun products.My hubby even enjoys using this product and as you know men hate to use products that leave any oily residue on the skin. 

I opted for the Fluide, as we have high humidity in Durban and I felt it would be too much to use the cream in conjunction with my daily anti Ageing moisturizer. However the cream would be an excellent choice in the case of very dry skins or for use in those cold conditions for example snow skiing.

The pricing for the mentioned products vary between R159 - R209 and my next acquisition may well be the tinted version. In fact I may just be tempted to investigate further into their skincare offerings also.

Bioderma is available from Dischem and Clicks

Visit their website to discover more about Bioderma

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