30 March 2016



When I was at college in the UK doing my 3 years of beauty training, the practical lessons in make up application were everyone's favourite. It was instilled into us to always buy the best make up brushes that you can afford at the time, as they are your tools of your trade.Back in the day synthetic bristle brushes were overlooked in preference to natural bristle brushes, but how the times have changed. The main switch from natural to synthetic has arisen due to the animal cruelty concerns and the advances in the technology of man made bristles.Today we have a wider variety of brushes both natural and synthetic in every shape and size, to do every make up application possible.

These makeup brushes from the Danish brand GOSHCOPENHAGEN couldn't have arrived at a better time, as my current ones have seen better application days.
 GOSHCOPEHAGEN have introduce a new line of brushes that are now composed of 100% synthetic and man-made hair.
I have always invested in quality make up brushes, so when I felt the softness and the quality of these long handled birch wood beauties I was immediately impressed. 
They also passed my initial "bristle pull" test with flying colours (no bristles came out), but the true test would be in the pick up of the colour on the brush, the ease of application, along with the comfort in the hand.

I was lucky to receive the following:

Blusher Brush 
Medium sized brush for powder blush application

Foundation Brush 
Perfect for seamless liquid foundation application 

Powder Brush 
Great for all over face and boys powder application 

Kabuki Brush
A short handled brush which can be used for applying bronzer, blusher or setting powder

The only brush that I haven't yet put to the test has been the foundation brush, but the other three brushes have been an absolute pleasure to use, as they not only feel incredibly soft on the skin, but the colour pick up is good and importantly for me they are well balanced and comfortable in my hand all making for an easy application.
All this comes at very reasonable price points considering the quality, so if you are in the market for a new brush or 4 then I suggest you check out these out.


My favourite has to be the multi purpose Kabuki brush, as I have been using one for many years and this has very easily replaced my trusted and faithful old Kabuki.

As I am sure you are all aware it is important to care for any quality brush and in turn it will give you many years of use. It's necessary to wash your brushes every 2-4 weeks in warm water and with a 
non -detergent soap and then let them dry naturally.
 I haven't yet cleaned my brushes and that will be the next test, but I have a feeling that there will be no problems, I will however give you feedback.

Available from selected Edgars countrywide.

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