3 April 2016


There are several products that I don't generally write too many reviews on and one of those are an eye pencil or eyeliner, unless I come across one that really impresses me.
I find these products to be very much the same and to be honest I can't get too excited about them.

I was recently sent from GOSHCOPENHAGEN a Black Velvet Touch Eyeliner that just happens to be worthy of me writing a glowing review, as I am super impressed.
I hate when a product name is misleading and I must admit my eyes went sideways when I read the words Velvet Touch, as this in my mind conjures up a very soft velvety smooth eyeliner
and guess what, it's exactly that.

As a mature blogger I am always very aware of using gentle, non dragging products around the delicate eye area, so I'm not making my crepey eyelids any worse.

The softness makes this eyeliner not only a pleasure to apply, as it glides easily onto the skin, it stays and it's easy to work with and to correct any shaky application errors - is a breeze. 
The eyeliner is waterproof, I found it easy to remove though and fragrance free.
No doubt the softness is due to the inclusion of Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, however I feel this may result in the eyeliner finishing pretty quickly, but I will give you feedback.

Internationally there are a great selection of colours available and having only used the black I cannot comment on the colour intensity or pigment of the other shades, 
the black though seriously impressed 

                                                   Available from selected Edgars countrywide. 

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