2 March 2016


I'm not a lover of cleansing wipes, but I am a lover of Garnier cleansing products, so I decided to give these wipes a chance to convince and possibly even convert me. 
The concept of a convenient pack of cleanser impregnated wipes does appeal to me, but unfortunately the ones that I have previously tried, really didn't deliver on a good cleanse and in some cases left my skin feeling "tacky".

I have been using the Garnier Softening Cleansing Milk, Softening Toner and the Micellar water, all for normal to dry skin, for sometime now, as they all offer good results for exceptional value.

Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Goodbye Dry Cleansing Wipes

The slightly rose fragranced quilted wipes are impregnated with 2 doses of cleansing milk and when I flipped over the wipe I found it enough to do my usual double cleanse. 
These wipes can be used all over the face, neck and the eye area. I was impressed with the ease and efficiency of the cleanse that the wipe gave my skin and more importantly there was no sticky residue left behind. I can believe that these wipes would make easy work of removing waterproof makeup without any harsh rubbing. I also enjoyed the softness of the wipe, which is enriched with soothing Rose and Vitamin E extracts, which also helps leave you skin feeling incredibly soft and comforted after use.

The Garnier Cleansing Wipes come in a handy pack of 25 and are Dermatologically and Opthalmologically tested and retail for approx R32.

 Whilst I will still continue to use the Softening Cleansing Milk daily, I will, without hesitation, use the wipes for travel and always have a pack close at hand for emergencies or just for those lazy days.

There is no doubt that these wipes deliver on all that they claim and I have to admit I have turned a full 360 degrees on my view of cleansing wipes, (not just any wipes only the Garnier) so Garnier you have both convinced and converted me!

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