22 November 2017


 Who doesn't love a beautiful fragranced candle and I hold my hands up,
as I'm a bit of a sucker when comes to buying. I literally have several
in every room of my house in the various stages of a "candles" life.
I thought I would give you the "low down" on my three current
favourites that I have burning this summer...

If you would like to know more about how to care for your
candles then check out my tips at the end of this post. 

Parfum de Maison Scented Candle 

I recently purchased this lovely presented candle in a glass
 jar with a metallic lid and it comes in 3 fragrance variants and this fruity,
floral Summer Breeze is a perfect summer candle.


    Yankee Candle

    Medium Pillar Candle


    One of my much loved and most purchased candle brands is Yankee Candle 
    and you can't get any more 'Summer" than with my personal floral "fave" 
    Fresh Cut Roses ,which reminds me of an English garden in summer.
     This medium Pillar candle not only looks great in the home, 
    but provides up to 95 hours of true summer floral fragrance enjoyment.



    Votive Candle


    Verbena, in my opinion, is the ultimate fragrance that conjures up all that summer
    has to offer.
    This fresh, lemon, sparkling scented candle made with all natural vegetable wax
     will be much burned over the summer and gives 17hrs of pleasure.

    Here are some of my suggestions for getting the most out of a perfumed candle.

    • Remember that these candles are not designed for illuminating your room but rather to release a wonderful aroma.
    • Always position your candle in a safe place before lighting.
    • In order to ensure an "even" burn, place in a draft free area, otherwise the candle will melt down at an angle.
    • Keep the wick trimmed, as this will help to prolong the life of the candle, as the flame will be smaller.
    • Fragrant candles are rarely designed to be burned continually for hours on end.It's best to burn for shorter periods, as the melted wax will still fragrance your room as it hardens, once the flame has been extinguished.
    • When the candle has completely been burned and finished remove the remnants of wax and recycle the container,as the more expensive fragranced candles often come in lovely glass jars.

    I hope these tips help you to get the most out of your candles.

    Enjoy your Summer Candles !


    1. I definitely need to stock up on the Woolies candles. They look so expensive and yet are quite reasonably priced.

      XoXo One Stiletto At A Time