Sunday, 5 May 2013


"Fragrance with a cause" is what Grace Perfume is all about...the co creators Nicky Akal and Jo-Anne Gibbon had a deep desire to produce a locally made fragrance that was not only beautiful but would also help to make a difference. Their mission was to enhance a women's beauty and uniqueness, as well as encourage self esteem and self awareness. For every bottle of Grace Perfume that is sold 10% of the sale is donated to a Durban based organization called The Red Light Foundation, which is a recognized leader in combating the effects of human trafficking and the sex worker industry through the education of those communities that are most at risk. In addition to this, the Red Light Inkululeko Initiative distributes self care packs to victims, as well as equipping them with the skills that they will need for a better future.

On to the fragrance itself....and I have to admit that I am somewhat of a fragrance "snob" when it comes to locally made fragrance and have yet to find one that I enjoy enough wear let alone purchase...that was until I tried Grace.

The packaging is simple yet elegant in terms of the bottle and its outer box, but do not be fooled, as the fragrance is far from being simple....
I found the fragrance to be quite complex in its assortment of ingredients and at first was unsure as to which fragrance category it would fit into.

The top notes are a fruity burst of Bergamot, blackcurrant and raspberry, of which all are my favourites, these then make way to allow the floral middle notes to take centre stage. Jasmine, rose, freesia and purple orchid certainly stamp their mark on this fragrance. Again rose and freesia are two ingredients that I really enjoy in a fragrance. The base notes, of which there are many,cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, white musk and patchouli, all help to make this a fragrance that lingers...
Initially the fragrance reminded me of a "fruity" version of Angel by Thierry Mugler, but on reflection I would classify this fragrance as a fruity, flora-oriental.
On paper this fragrance contains many ingredients that should make this a "hit" with me and a "hit" it was.
Grace has been the first locally made fragrance that I have got excited about and the creators have succeeded in making both a beautiful fragrance and one that makes a difference.

Grace 50ml edp is available for purchase online and retails for R350

Visit their website for more info and to order

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