25 March 2018


The last time I had my eyebrows tinted must have been back at beauty college 
and that's yonks ago. I'm not one to tint my brows, but over the past 
few years I find that I'm using far more brow products and
my faves have to be the brow "goodies" from benefit.

As I've aged I've also discovered that grey hairs not only confined to your head
 but they love to appear in your eyebrows and thankfully it's easily 
remedied with an eyebrow pencil. 
It's not that I'm wanting to go much darker with my natural brow colour, 
but I'm wanting to cover up the grey hairs and make the colour of my brows
 more uniform and hopefully become a little less reliant on the daily brow tools
Eyebrow tinting seemed like the best option and always one to promote 
the services of a "professional" at a beauty salon, 
this time I'm going against my own advice and I'm going it alone.

My reasoning behind this is simple, I wanted to be in control of my eyebrow colour 
and not reliant on what someone else thinks that my colour should be. 
I didn't want the shade or depth of colour to be in the hands of anyone else, 
but moi...hence the DIY.

RefectoCil is a professional range of Austrian Lash & Brow tinting products 
that I remember from beauty college and subsequently the range 
I used in my own beauty salon. 
It's been reliably tinting brows and lashes around the world
 for over 70 years and is now available 
for retail through Clicks, Dischem and Takealot.

Back in the day RefectoCil had a very small range of products, today they have
 a much wider range of both tints and tinting accessories. 
I opted for the NEW Sensitive Tint range, as opposed to their Original Tints.

The completely NEW 2 step tinting system allows you to tint 
eyebrows and eyelashes in only 3 minutes with colours based on plant extracts 
and is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

Step 1:

The tint is applied carefully with the white applicator to clean, 
dry eyebrows and leave for 2 minutes and then remove with a dry cotton pad.

Step 2:

Wait for 3-5 minutes before applying The Developer Gel over the brows 
with the silver applicator and then the gel is removed within 3 minutes.
(Remember the longer you leave the developer on the more intense the colour
because I was using Black on my brows I left on for only about 60 secs) 

Lasts up to 6 weeks and is smudge and waterproof.
(I enjoyed the fact that I covered those pesky odd grey hairs and
achieved a more even colour and to redo only every 6 weeks is a pleasure)

RefectoCil Sensitive is the first eyelash/brow tint that works based on 
plant extracts, 
with yarrow, horse extract, juniper, goldenrod, nettle, blueberry, 
chaste berry, red wine extract.
Its also not tested on animals.

Dermatologically and Opthalmologically tested.
(I opted for the Sensitive Tint to play it safe and I found there to be no
irritation at all)

Available in 4 colours - Black, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown.
(I could have used Dark Brown, but I wanted to also use on my lashes, 
so opted for black.Even though my hair is highlighted blonde my
natural hair colour is quite dark)

I was completely blown away by how gentle and easy this duo was to use and the 
result was exactly what I was looking for.

*I do advise* 
that before you "tint your own" you pay a visit 
to the

to gen yourself up re the preparation, the application and loads
of other tips and advice plus tutorial videos and as always, 
fully read the enclosed leaflets prior to using.

If you have been considering tinting your own brows or lashes then the 
tried and tested RefectoCil products are the ones to opt for 
and brows are the easiest to start with.

Let me know in the comments section below if you tint your own
brows and lashes...

RefectoCil Sensitive 
Eyelash & Brow Tints


RefectoCil Sensitive 
Developer Gel


Takealot currently have a combo pack available which include the 
Sensitive Tint and the Sensitive Developer Gel


Combo Pack

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