5 May 2014


When my "Kiddiewinks" were younger they always looked forward to trundling behind mum around Woolworths Gateway, usually in the lead up to Christmas or Mothers Day, as this "follow" was always different to the others.On these two occasions it was not the normal follow mum story, as it was the time where I was instructed to walk around and touch the items on display that I would like to receive as a gift. The "Kiddiewinks" had to remember, not only where the gifts were in the store, but which gifts they were, allowing them to go back later with dad and decide which they should buy for me their mummy! 
(Occasionally they did get it wrong much to our amusement)
Now that these "Kiddiewinks" are all grown up, social media has moved this tradition along a little and I now showcase my desired gifts on my blog, so here is my Mothers Day Wish list for 2014, which by the way in South Africa is this Sunday 11th May.

 Fleece Boot Slippers 
Available at Woolworths countrywide

 Any chocolate slabs from The Drakensberg Chocolate Memories..Delish! 
Order online 

 Natural Soap Making book by Bev Missing (founder of rain)
Available in all rain stores around the country 
order online

 Nails inc. nail colour Brompton Place
 Available at selected Red Squares and Edgars.

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