1 June 2014


Last week I pulled out of the Sunday Sample jar a generous 40ml sample size of Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner. Recently I did a review on the BioNike Defence Toning Lotion and experienced more than a tingle around my nose and on my cheek area, so I was a little apprehensive about trying another new toner, yet the words Cucumber, Herbal and Alcohol Free in the name, put my mind at ease.
I was happy to see that this Kiehl's toner has a mild, alcohol-free formulation, enriched with naturally-derived herbal extracts, refreshes the skin and delivers a mildly astringent benefit and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

I have always gravitated to alcohol free toners for as long as I can remember, not because I have a sensitive skin,but I really don't see the need for this ingredient to be included in products, even those for oily skins. The alcohol can not only aggravate sensitive skins, but also can have a drying effect and cause an imbalance with the natural hydro lipidic film on our skin, so I just avoid it especially in toners.

The toner is a cool green colour and has a slight nondescript fragrance and contains soothing allantoin, softening and soothing Aloe Vera, moisture binding cucumber fruit extract and astringent Witch Hazel.....the same ingredient that I believed caused the problem with the BioNike toner.

I am happy to report that this toner was a pleasure to use and my skin after cleansing felt refreshed and prepared for the next stage in my skin care regime.
The next question I asked myself was, would I buy this toner and my reply would be no and that's not through any poor performance of the product, but it has more to do with the price, especially as am on a quest to find reasonably priced toners to review. If you are a Kiehl's fan and price is of no issue, then yes I would recommend that you keep to the recommended routine, but I personally feel there are other highly efficient alcohol free soothing toners out there at a cheaper price, allowing you to invest more on treatment products.


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