29 November 2015


I recently reviewed the benefit Roller Lash Mascara and if you would like to read
benefit do recommend that to achieve super long and curled lashes then use the Roller Lash mascara to first curl the lashes and then apply They're Real Lengthening Mascara to add length, so I decided to put their recommendation to the test.

If you have read my review you will know that The benefit Roller Lash is my new found 
mascara "love".

Call me sceptical, but I thought the advice that benefit give to combine both was just a marketing spin to encourage consumers to buy 2 products instead of 1, but I hold my head in shame, as the combination of these two mascara's really did give "Moi" the curl and length that I was looking for. 

As you get older your lashes do become finer and unfortunately more scarce and I had considered trying false lashes and eyelash extensions, but this combo somehow finds and coats those lashes that I didn't know I had. I think it's the hook like brush on the Roller Lash mascara that separates out the lashes, that generally clump together, and gives you that fuller lash look.
I recommend that you use  Roller Lash first to lift,curl and separate your lashes followed by layers of the lengthening and volumising they're Real! Mascara as this worked for me and my sparse lashes.

Apologies for the lined eye area but I did have to zoom in

they're Real! mascara has a specially designed brush that can be used both horizontally AND vertically, which makes mascara application life much easier. 
Both mascara's are long-wearing and a jet black formula.

I now have a new found double mascara "love" as I really couldn't proclaim more love for one than the other,as in my opinion they make a great mascara duo.

benefit is available at selected Edgars and Red Squares countrywide,
but you can order online directly from 

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