23 May 2018


is most probably a range of skin and body care products
that you haven't even noticed on the general shelves in Dischem, that was until
the collection  was re-formulated and re-packaged earlier this year. 
Now located in a dedicated bay amongst the more well known skincare brands,
I'm sure things are about to change for these affordable products
enriched with Dead Sea Salts and Minerals.

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea (which is actually a lake) has been renowned
for its therapeutic properties, as its unique due to it high concentrations of
salts and 21 minerals.The beneficial salts and muds from the Dead Sea 
are known to wonderfully detox, purify, exfoliate,calm,hydrate and cleanse our bodies.
In fact the list of benefits is too long to mention in this blog.
Having never tried any products that contain Dead Sea Minerals I was curious.

Mineraline TIME IT! Anti-Ageing Serum bottle and box

I was sent several products to try and review and amongst them was
an interesting Anti-Ageing Serum TIME IT!
This nightly serum has been formulated to significantly reduce wrinkle depth,
while firming, toning and hydrating the skin.
Serums generally contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and the
TIME IT! Serum is no exception as it contains an exclusive combo
of the most powerful minerals taken from the depths of the Dead Sea.

Mineraline TIME IT! Anti-Ageing Serum bottle

Mineraline TIME IT! Anti-Ageing Serum bottle, box in rose gold make-up bag with a rose gold pen

The TIME IT! Serum pump bottle has an upmarket and qualitative feel 
to it and the bottle was surprisingly heavy and solid.
The product has a pleasant fragrance and is an oil rather than a 
gel/cream type serum.

Oil serums/treatments can vary tremendously, often they can have an 
unrefined feel to them, especially the cheaper offerings, but thankfully this 
serum had a fine refined texture to it
and although felt oily upon application it was soon absorbed and felt
comfortable with no oily residue what so ever.
I found that literally one pump of the serum was plenty to cover my face,neck
and décolletage. I have been applying daily and it can be used under a day or
 night cream,personally I preferred to apply in the evening.

It's recommended for all skin types that are concerned with the signs of ageing, 
however I personally have my doubts as to whether the texture would sit well
initially on a combination/oily skin and this is where a "less is more"
attitude should be adopted with the quantity applied.

Having used many serums in my TIME I found this one to offer
an extremely effective anti-ageing serum, at an extremely affordable price.

So next time you find yourself in the beauty section of Dischem just
glance your eyes over to the Mineraline wall bay and check out there
different ranges and products that have on offer, you may be pleasantly surprised
like "Moi"...

Mineraline products are not tested on animals, Paraben and Mineral free.

The TIME IT! range is completed with 3 other products:

Day Cream R245
Night Cream R245
Eye Gel R215

Mineraline TIME IT!
Anti-Ageing Serum



The complete range of 4 core anti-ageing products 
will cost you under R1000 and that's pretty good, considering many serums
on the market are way over R1000 alone.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried anything from the
Mineraline Range...

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