25 January 2017


For the past couple of months now my wintry nail polishes have made way for the bright and pastel shades of summer and a hot summer it has been in South Africa. 

I have been to-ing and fro-ing between the 3 colours below all summer :

Brand - JT ONE Pretty Paint

Shade - Princess

Price - R29.95

This pinky/coral shade needs at least 2-3 coats to create a perfect summer shade that goes with everything. It's also very forgiving if you are not the best nail painter or if you have the odd chip and haven't time to repaint.

Brand - essie

Shade - Mod Square

Price - R125

Summer wouldn't be a summer without an inclusion of a pink polish and this is my most used summer colour especially on my toe nails and I love it!

Brand - Woolworths

Shade - White

Price - R79.95

Nothing looks nicer in the summer than a beautifully painted set of white nails and beautifully painted is how they must stay, as wearing a white polish is often high maintenance, as it shows up every painting error and those dreaded chips.
The payoff though is a chic, fresh look that goes with everything and well worth effort.
(I believe Woolworths have recently discontinued this shade, but any brand of white nail polish will achieve a similar look)

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