19 February 2017


Already 6 weeks into my 2 month journey of taking the drinkable Collagen Lift with Hyaluronic Acid and I'm starting to see several subtle changes.
In the first 3-4 weeks I really didn't see any difference in my skin whatsoever and with regards to improved firmness of the skin you need to be aware that it will take at least 28 days, as that's generally a full cycle of cell renewal.
Some users claim to see instant results, which maybe they do if their skin has been neglected but having cared for my skin since 15 years of age I'm very in tune with my skin and I really didn't expect to see any difference until after 4 weeks.

Over the weeks I have been really scrutinising my skin and especially the 
Naso-labial folds and forehead lines, where I was hoping to see the most success.
I know this may seem strange, but the one deep line/fold from the corner of my nose to the corner of my mouth is now less prominent than before, but the other side seems to be the same, so I'm hoping this will balance out before my 8 weeks is up.
As of today I can't say that I have noticed a softening of any of the deep wrinkles/lines on my forehead.


I started to receive several compliments from friends, especially those I hadn't seen since before Christmas,  around 5 weeks in and they were general comments like,

"you're looking well" 
and my 
"skin is looking good" 

and then I got the biggest observation from a very good friend, who said she had noticed from the side view that my jawline seemed firmer and more contoured or simply put 
less "jowly".

Success, as I also thought I had noticed an improvement in this area, but doubted myself as to whether I was imagining this improvement or not.

So far this "sceptic" is impressed with the subtle changes, so check back to read my final Part 4 in a couple of weeks time and I will give you a final update and my honest opinions.

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