20 February 2017


If you have the straightest of lashes or reach for those eyelash curlers every morning then read on, as this post could be of great interest to you and your lashes.

Not falling into either of the above categories, my problem is age...
yes unfortunately as we age our lashes become more sparse, take longer to grow and become lighter in colour and I can lay claim to all of the above age related challenges, as I find myself using more mascara in an attempt to colour, lengthen and lift my lashes, which in turn can lead to damage or even premature lash shedding.

I have been considering lash extensions for some time, but was hesitant due to the upkeep and the cost, so when I received an e-mail from NouvelleVenu offering me a free 
LVL Enhance Treatment my lashes jumped at the chance, as it was perfect timing.

NouvelleVenu is the exclusive partner to Nouveau Lashes ltd UK and in addition to being the sole distributor in South Africa for Nouveau’s product line, they also have a state of the art Lash Training Academy situated in the same premises as their salon in
150 Florida Rd, Durban.

Having heard of the LVL Enhance Treatment (Lashlift) from overseas and having only read good reports, I was excited yet a little apprehensive about the treatment even though its been tried and tested in the UK since 2005.

Enhance LVL treatment entails working on your natural lash and it Lifts,Volumises and Lengthens (LVL) and ultimately enhances your natural lash. 
I felt that my lashes posed quite a challenge, as not only are they sparse, 
but also short and fair.
 The treatment involves lifting rather than curling the lash and usually incorporates a tint. Together with the lift which lengthens the lashes, this creates the fabulous illusion of longer thicker lashes. 
The treatment takes about 45 minutes and it lasts for up to 6 – 8 weeks.

Nouvelle Venu 

Upon arrival at Nouvelle Venu salon, my appointment was handled very professionally by Yadsha and Angelique and that all important client record card was filled out and a patch test was done on my arm prior to check that I was not allergic or sensitive to any of the processing products that would be used during the treatment.

Basically the lashes are cleaned and prepared followed by a protection shield being placed below the eyelashes for protection and a gel shield above the lash line. 
The size of the shields determine the level of lift and there are three options to choose from: most dramatic (small shield), average (medium) and least dramatic (large) and I opted for the medium.
At this point I must make mention that during the 45 minute process, you will need to lie still and not open your eyes, which maybe difficult for some, I know it was for me.

Yadsha my lash technician then proceeded to comb and separate my lashes over the upper shield before applying the...

Lifting Balm which breaks down the bonds of the lashes, enabling them to be restructured into a new shape.
Volumising Fix is then applied and this repairs the broken bonds to fix and secure the lashes into their new shape.
Gel Lash Tint is applied to tint your new found lifted, volumised and lengthened lashes.
Moisturising Serum is the final stage and nourishes the lashes.

The process isn't painful at all (unless you open your eyes and then expect some stinging), however I found it to be a little uncomfortable purely because I'm a busy body and like to see and know everything that's going on and I couldn't... 
you basically feel the sensations of the lashes being combed and the products being applied but I hadn't a clue what the application process looked like.
Below is a great video that will help you to understand the process of the LVL Enhance Treatment better.

There are some simple maintenance instructions given to you on the care of your lashes.
After your LVL treatment: 
  • For the first 24 hours after your treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your lashes
  • For 2 days afterwards do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water
  • Do not use waterproof mascara
  • Use oil free make-up remover if mascara is worn (only use a water-based mascara)
  • Don’t rub your eyes when washing your face - always pat the lashes dry after cleansing
  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetics)

However they do recommend using the Nouveau Lashes Conditioning Serum at home to help nourish and strengthen lashes and keep them looking healthy. Ultimately, this means you can enjoy the effects of your LVL Enhance treatment for longer. 
I did have a very similar product, but if you don't have at home then its advisable to buy one.

Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum

Knowing that my lashes were not the best to work with, I was blown away with results.
LVL lash lift not only seemed to find lashes that I didn't know I had, but they looked fuller and the lift of my lashes opened up my eye area.

This treatment is perfect for anyone who has great difficulty in achieving any kind of curl in their lashes or like me... just needs to make the most of the little they have.
Perfect for your summer hols or for that special occasion, LVL Enhance Treatment is a great alternative to lash extensions or false eyelashes which LVL do have a range of if the LVL Enhance is not for you.

The LVL Enhance costs R595

To find out more about the treatments and Salon Trainings available

For treatment bookings 
contact Yadsha or Angelique on 

031 3033576

Please excuse these before and after photos but it's not so easy or pretty taking close up pics of the eye area, but you can notice an improved difference.

LVL Enhanced Treatment

It's been two weeks since my lashes had the LVL Enhanced treatment and the below is a picture of my lashes with just a couple of coats of mascara (I find that I don't apply anywhere near as much mascara as I used to)
 Being someone who never goes without mascara even on those no make-up days, I've found that I now can...
and it feels great!



  1. Oh my goodness!

    This is something I've been looking at researching, for my wedding in July. I've had lash extensions done before and I don't want to do that, as my fiance told me I looked like a 'poppie' and too fake. I wanted something to give my eyes that extra oomph and I'd heard so much about this.

    I'm just so paranoid I go, and lose all my lashes and have bald eyes on my big day hahahaha!

  2. Hi, So far so good for me - no issues.I think its perfect for a special occasion. Ive been happy with my results but if you have longer and fuller lashes it will look stunning.