13 September 2017


All the hype and coverage on Social Media surrounding the latest mascara offering 


from L'Oreal, has actually put me slightly on the back foot before I've even applied it, which means only one thing... I'm expecting "greater than great" things and will be hugely disappointed if this product doesn't deliver. 

Huge thumbs up to L'Oreal for their great packageing, not only does it come in a beautiful rose gold/bronze colour, but it comes in a box also.
(often only found with the more expensive higher end brands)

  I personally find it far more reassuring to buy a boxed mascara rather than an unboxed one that sits on a self serve merchandiser just begging to be have their tamperproof seal broken, sniffed and in some cases tested.

Claiming to offer intense volume and spectacular length made me even more doubtful, as we hear this so often about newly launched mascaras, but how wrong I was to be so sceptical.

As I've aged my lashes have without doubt become fairer and more sparse, yet this mascara literally transformed my lashes from fair to intense black with just one coat. 
The wavy ultra soft bristle brush quickly felt comfortable in my hand and its formula has a silky smooth feel thanks to it being enriched with castor oil, which also gives the lashes a soft feel rather than that all to familiar brittle stiff feel.
It didn't clump or flake either and its staying power was pretty good.

You can build volume and length with several coats, but if you're in a hurry one coat does a good job.

This mascara is a pleasure to use and more importantly to remove and is genuinely 
worthy of all the hype and I'm a fan...

Mascara (Black)

Not yet available in SA

It was launched recently in the UK and I picked one up from Boots at the special launch price of £9.99



  1. Oooohhh this just makes me want this mascara even more! I might have to organise one from the UK in December, or just sit and be patient (highly unlikely)...

  2. Keeping fingers crossed that it will be in South Africa soon. Sounds like a great mascara and I agree about the packaging (in a box). Also love the rose gold tube.

    1. The box thing is a biggy for me I hate buying unboxed...

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