3 September 2017


I don't use make-up primers that often, but when I do it's always the Benefit POREfessional that I reach for.

I was recently given a sample of the INGLOT Under Makeup Base, so I thought I would put it to the test to see if the application of an under make-up base really does prolong the life of your foundation, especially on my mature skin.
I managed to get several uses from my small sachet sample, as a little goes an extremely long way.

INGLOT Under Make-up Base


The INGLOT hypoallergenic primer has been formulated for all skin types and makeup finishes
(so my mature, normal/dry skin using a liquid foundation ticks this box)
It also absorbs excess facial oil (which I don't have) 
It claims to scatter light (which sounds good for me)
It gives all skin types a matte look and silky smooth finish(a matte finish is ideal for a combination to oily skin and the silky smooth finish is a must in a primer) 

So did this product deliver on its claims and more importantly did it prolong the life of my foundation?

This clear, non sticky, silicone gel has no fragrance and glided onto my skin beautifully.
I only needed to use a small amount after my normal moisturiser and I found it was better to leave for a couple of minutes to settle before applying your foundation.
(This product contains several silicones therefore I would strongly advise you not to use too much, as it could have the opposite effect and possibly cause your make-up to not set and stay but rather slip n slide, which is not the desired effect)

Post application my skin did feel incredibly smooth and comfortable and I experienced no drying effect and not having any excess oil I can't comment on whether it absorbs oils well or not.
It certainly enabled me to work and blend my foundation longer around my face before it started to dry or set, so it would be great if you normally wear one of the many foundations where you have to work quickly. 

Primers are designed to create a smooth canvas on which to then apply your make-up, which it certainly did.

The matte finish wasn't an issue for my skin, as the foundation that I applied over was my usual dewy and light enhancing one, but the matte finish of this under make-up base would be a nice bonus for a more combination skin.
(they do make a Mattifying Under Makeup Base for excessively oily skins)

Did it prolong the longevity of my daily make-up?

 Yes...I felt it did. 

However would I purchase this product from using the sample?

Unfortunately not.

Despite its pleasing results I find it difficult to justify R399 for a product to prolong the wear of my make-up, when it's not really a major concern for me.
I personally would rather invest R400 into a skincare product, 
but that's moi!

If you do however experience difficulties with the finish and staying power of your daily make-up then this primer is certainly one to consider.

INGLOT Under Makeup Base



Available from INGLOT counters countrywide for more info


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