19 December 2017


One of the pleasures of writing a beauty blog is that every now and then, you come
across a product that just surpasses any of your expectations and these
 "finds" always make up for those products that hugely disappoint.  
I can't actually lay claim to finding this product, as Bionike made contact
and kindly sent me some products to try.
Amongst them was this, somewhat intriguing product 

15 FruIT XSENSE Multi Sensorial Oil

Bionike is an Italian Skincare brand that can be found at selected
 Dischem stores countrywide and not having too much prior experience 
with them I was keen to see what this brand has to offer.

I was lucky enough to spend 9 days in Mauritius recently and even though 
this beautiful bottle is not exactly travel friendly it still came with and 
I have fallen in love with this 
fruity fragranced multi tasking oil.

So what made me fall in love with this product?
Not only does the packaging look appealing but it delivers a 
surprisingly fine mist of a silky lightweight textured oil that melts into the skin, 
which in turn releases an intoxicating burst of a fruity, floral
A 15% concentration of oils are derived from fruits grown in Italy
and are rich in vitamins (A, E), antioxidant and omega-3 and omega-6 essential
 fatty acids.

The 15 fruIT XSENSE Multi Tasking Oil boasts moisturising, 
nourishing, soothing, revitalising and firming properties and can be used on the face
body and hair.

Whilst on holiday I applied this oil daily on my body and it can be used either 
on dry or damp skin
however I am a believer that body oils should always be applied to a slightly
damp skin for better absorption.

It can also be used on the face which I haven't tried yet 
and it can also be applied to the hair.
Again the hair can be either dry or damp and I used it successfully
on dry hair just on the ends.

I certainly wasn't expecting to be blown away by this relatively
 unknown product and it has certainly
secured a last minute spot on my "Top Body Products of 2017" list.
It was an absolute sunny,fragrant pleasure to use...

(I will post my "Top Products" blogposts for 2017 during the course of January)

Preservative Free
Nickel tested
Includes an allergen-free fragrance

15 FruIT XSENSE Multi Sensorial Oil




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