10 December 2017


How does the Pharell Williams song go?
"Because I'm Happy"
Yes I'm very happy with this new addition to the 
LUSH Snow Fairy collection.
Being rather a late member to the Snow Fairy Appreciation club, 
feel that I'm well and truly on board with it now.
Last year was my first introduction to this candyfloss/bubblegum magic and if you 
would like to catch up on that blogpost click on the link below.

The founder of Lush, Mark Constantine said
 “Packaging is rubbish and for too long we've had to suffer excessive amounts of it,
 now that the true financial and environmental costs are becoming obvious, 
customers are challenging manufacturers and retailers to cut the wrap. 
Companies like ours need to think out of the box and present customers with 
innovations that allow them to buy truly naked products" 

Currently 38% of Lush products are available in their naked form.
 Unfortunately it's not just a case of removing the packaging on the shower gels (for obvious reasons) but LUSH have quite simple nailed it by re formulating their shower gels into a solid format that do not contain any soap base, they instead share most of the same ingredients as liquid shower gel.
The ingredient that makes them solid is sodium stearate, which is already used
in several, other LUSH products.
The inclusion of Propylene Glycol also reduces the growth of bacteria and ensures 
that the product is self preserving, which is a "must" here in Durban as our
summers are extremely hot and oppressively humid.

The above being said, to me it still looks and feels like a solid soap and I'm excited 
that it still delivers the same glistening,powerful fragrance and has even better 
lathering qualities than the packaged version.

It's a huge hit with me, as it's so easy to use and there's no more
 fiddling with caps and lids in the shower.
Due to it being double the concentration of the liquid version it lasts longer,
 however I do recommend that you stand it on a
soap drainer to prevent a "soggy" NAKED bottom.
Price wise its coming in cheaper and of course there's no packaing to pay for
or discard of.

As always SNOW FAIRY is a range limited to the festive months and it literally 
flies off the "Fairy" shelves, but they have several other fragrance options in the 
Naked Shower Gels that are well worth checking out...

Available from LUSH stores worldwide and online



8.25 to 11.25


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