21 December 2017


As you can see from a couple of my posts this past month I'm 
a little obsessed with the Limited Edition collection of Snow Fairy products
 from Lush, and I for one are excited that they've added more products
to the range this year.
I doubt that you can still buy very much, either in store or order online, 
from the Snow Fairy range, as it generally comes out around the end of October
 and is usually sold out well before Christmas, 
but it's certainly one to remember for next year if you like
a sweet candy floss, bubble gum type of scent.
(Body Conditioners are available in several fragrances) 
I stocked up on my faves and purchased some of the 
new products including the

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Snow Fairy is not everyones "cup of fragrance", however it's hugely popular 
and has a loyal band of worldwide followers, which includes me since 
last Christmas and now I've even got my BFF hooked.

It was my Birthday this week and amongst my pressies were a couple more
Snow Fairy products, so expect reviews to follow.

To read my previous reviews:

Containing Cocoa & Mango Butter for skin softening and conditioning
 and Avocado Butter for hydrating and nourishing you can be assured this
product as its name suggests conditions the body.
I mustn't forget the all important Cherry Infusion that creates a
sweet, fruity yet luxurious fragrance that I adore...

I've always been slightly indifferent to "In shower" body moisturising type
products, since trying one from Nivea several years ago, which was
Lush Body Conditioners are to be used, like you would use a hair conditioner
after washing your hair. 
It's the final stage of showering, to condition and moisturise your skin.

I don't vigorously rinse off the product, but rather just let the water
gently rinse over me at the end of my shower.
I believe that you can just apply to wet skin once you've finished showering and 
massage the shimmering pink cream into your skin and leave to air dry.
I haven't yet tried this way, but I will for sure.

This product is flexible in its application and it took me a couple of uses to
estimate just how much I needed to apply, in order to achieve that
 conditioned feel rather than a greasy, sticky one.
(Thankfully Lush have made me a convert to the virtues of this
format of "in shower" moisturisers)

As with all Lush products you can create a more intense fragrance by 
 layering your products.
With using the Snow Fairy shower gel and then the body conditioner your skin
is undoubtedly scented with beautiful veil of Snow Fairy sweetness 
that I just 

As always Lush products are not tested on animals and contain natural
or safe synthetic ingredients.

 Snow Fairy Body Conditioner




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  1. I've been using the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly but I really think I need to get my hands on this! It's just so amazing!!

    Happy Holidays!

    Veronica xx