14 December 2017


If you have been following my blog for a while you'll already know that
BATHING is my "thing" and my "thing" sadly has been halted in recent months
due to the water shortage and restrictions across South Africa.
I love nothing more than a hot fragrant soak in a bath with
my perfumed candles burning, it's my little bit of heaven.

Unfortunately I have an ever growing stash of LUSH bath bombs, foam baths 
and oils from different brands all just waiting to be "wallowed" in and on my 
recent holiday to Mauritius I decide to take this,the most non travel friendly 
bottle of Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil from REN along with me,as there are
 no water restrictions there.

This product has been on my "Bath" radar for literally a couple of years, but 
I always deemed it to be on the pricey side, that was until recently when
 REN had a less 40%  online sale and the first product in the cart was 
my much lusted after Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil.

This Bath Oil is formulated with Moroccan Rose Otto Oil to not only nourish
the skin, but leave a veil of subtle rose fragrance behind post bath.

 The Rose Otto Oil along with Palmerosa and Geranium Oils all make for a wonderful
fragrant relaxing, soothing, hydrating indulgent and luxurious soak.
If you are a lover of all things "Roses" and taking time out to have a long relaxing
calming soak then this is certainly one to consider adding to your bath water.

Only a small amount needs to be added to a bath full of water and
it's Vegan Friendly and doesn't leave your bath with a greasy film
like so many bath oils do.

The Moroccan Rose Collection consists of several other products, 
which I'm keen to try including
 Body Lotion/Body Wash/Body Oil/Body Scrub and more.

Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil



REN is available from selected Woolworths and Clicks countrywide

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