17 December 2017


From the title of my post you may be wondering what it's all about and
you would be correct in assuming that it's nothing to do with beauty, but
if you live, work or holiday in Durban or its surrounds then read on...

I received an e.mail a couple of weeks ago inviting myself and 5 team members
to choose a time slot and take up the challenge to escape from a themed room, 
at this point it didn't grab my attention too much, until I went onto their website
 to read more about the recently opened Mindgame Escape Room 
just 5 minutes from my house in Umhlanga Rocks 
and I excitedly accepted their challenge.

Basically you have 60 minutes to unleash the detective in you and your 
fellow detectives by gathering clues solve puzzles, combine information, 
decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms.
 Success can only be achieved by working together, and you will need to
 combine your brainpower to stay cool and profit from each other’s strengths 
while the clock is ticking.
Ultimately you are led to the key that will unlock the door to the room and 
success - you've escaped, hopefully before the 60 minutes are up.

There are 2 rooms to choose from "Sherlock Holmes Baker Street" or 
the "Houdini" Escape room 
and we opted for the Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Mystery, 
which challenges players to solve a murder mystery while attempting to dismantle the 
notorious Baker Street Five, a high-profile gang that has been terrorising Victorian London. 

Your detective adventure commences once your team mates gather in 
the reception area 15 minutes prior to entering the room and you'll
 receive a friendly introduction by the bubbly Ruzika and watch a 5 minute 
info video.
It's also at this point that all cell phones, hand bags and belongings are 
locked away in a chest and you're given the key, 
as you cannot have any outside contact or help
via google, phone a friend etc., but that also meant that I couldn't take any photos,
but you do all to get pose, with props from the room, at the end.

You are then ready to be locked into the Sherlock Holmes themed room 
for 60 minutes, which by the way goes so quickly.
My Beauty Shout box teams' ages ranged for 19 to 60 years of age and we all had
the same feeling of not being too sure of what to do and whilst we knew 
that we had to use the clues to escape, we really didn't know much else.
You carefully need to observe your surroundings, find the subtlest of clues, 
and correctly piece together the mystery to identify the members 
of the Baker Street Five.

It takes you a little while to gather yourself and once you crack the first code and
open the first lock it seemed to all make a little more sense.
Having said this it's not easy and it does pose a challenge and without
 disclosing too much we all had an hour of absolute fun and laughter and I highly recommend this unique experience.
We unfortunately found the key to the door literally seconds after our 
60 minutes were up. 
We were told that only 30% of people escape in under an hour, 
which made us all feel a little better.

This type of event would make for a perfect and enjoyable team building
 exercise for corporates.
I challenge you to round up some friends and family to see if you can solve the
The Baker Street 5 Mystery...

Let me know if you have been already and what you thought and more importantly
did you escape within the 60 minutes.
I would really love to go back with friends and try to escape from the Houdini
room, as its such a fun way to spend an hour.

It's really easy to book  online or contact Ruzika 087 238 2524

The room max is 6 people (over 14yrs) 
It costs R200 pp (5-6 players)
R225 pp (3-4 players)
R250 pp (2 players)

Mindgame Escape Room is located:

 Granada Square
2nd Floor
Room 205
16, Chartwell Drive


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