11 March 2018


There is always something so comforting about using a Clarins face mask
and I mean that on two levels, not only do their products feel comfortable
on the skin, but I personally cannot fail to feel reassured and
comforted by the good memories that I have of Clarins from both the early
years of my salon in the UK and my working career here in South Africa.

Back in those early years (around the late 70's early 80's) Clarins 
had two infamous face masks, now sadly no longer sold, 
Masque Purifiant and Masque Hydratant and it's the
latter, that their newly launched
SOS Hydra Mask 
reminds me of. 

I was also a huge fan of their now discontinued Hydra Quench mask and I'm 
secretly hoping that this will be a good replacement.

With my fond memories and my love of a good mask I sense that you
 will already know where my review is heading...

This new trio of masks are aimed at

Hydration - SOS Hydra
Rebalancing - SOS Pure
Nourishing - SOS Comfort

This blue cream/gel mask feels cooling and refreshing yet nourishing 
and hydrating on application and even though it comes out of the tube 
a light blue colour,, it soon becomes transparent on the skin.
Even the subtle pleasing fragrance of the mask reminds me of that original
Masque Hydratant and it fills me with even more love for this SOS Hydra mask.

Clarins say that it's a 
"Moisturising bath for thirsty skin"
and I won't disagree. It has a slightly tacky feel initially, 
but that soon disappears and the skin is left feeling quenched, calmed
 and more importantly non greasy.

This mask contains skin plumping Organic Leaf of Life Extract,which I've never
heard of before but it seems to work whatever it is...

This soft mask can be used by literally all skin types and it's so easy to add into 
your weekly masking routine (post exfoliation) to combat temporary dehydration.
Apply in a thickish layer,avoid the eye area leave on for 10 minutes and either massage any excess
or remove with a lotion.
It couldn't be any easier and the results for a quick 10 minute mask 
will be a visibly more hydrated, quenched, smooth, calmed and refreshed skin.

I now can't wait to use the SOS Comfort Mask 

Happy Masking Days

P.S.Has it replaced the Hydra Quench Mask, pour Moi... not quite,
but it's a good replacement.

I realise this mask doesn't fall into the easily affordable category, 
but take it from me as with all Clarins products you know you are getting
 effective, high quality skincare products with a long successful history... 

Clarins SOS HYDRA Mask




Available from Clarins stockists countrywide


  1. It is such a pity that Hydra Quench was discontinued, I also really enjoyed it!

    1. Yes I did too n I realised I've never wrote a review on it, not much point now. Thanks for leaving a comment