29 March 2018


I spotted this L'Oréal Fine Flowers cleansing and toning duo in the UK 
last year and the only reason
 I didn't buy them then, was the size and weight, as they're both 400mls 
of product.

I then spotted them again in Duty Free at OR Tambo Airport (JHB) in November last
year on our way to Mauritius and having no weight issues with my luggage,
 I bought them both.
We don't have this range in South Africa and considering the price point 
I don't know why not, as it's so affordable, in fact in duty free they were 
both dirt cheap (or should I say clean cheap)
They retailed for R65 each, yes you read correctly...
I don't think I have ever reviewed such an inexpensive Cleanser and Toner
before and they're both generous 400mls in size.
At first I thought they were priced wrongly, but the price in the UK
is around £3.99 - R5.99 depending if they're on a special promo or not
so that equates to the correct pricing considering it was duty free.

Now we are not talking any high end cleanser and toner here and
I'm one to advocate that if your budget is under strain, then rather down
budget on your cleanser and toner and invest in your skin serums and creams.
So considering the price how good or bad were they...

I was impressed with both, as they adequately did they're job, 
especially considering their price point as
they're both as "cheap as chips".

Formulated with soothing and comforting extracts of Rose and nourishing
extracts of Jasmine this combination works well. 
The creamy textured make-up removing milk leaves the skin feeling soft, 
comfortable and fresh.
Whilst the toner completes the cleansing routine it also leaves the skin 
feeling refreshed and free from any traces of impurities.

These two products are quite strongly fragranced with Rose & Jasmine
 and may not suit those that don't tolerate floral scents.
(I personally enjoyed the fragrance)
Despite this range being targeted at a Dry/Sensitive skin it surprisingly
 contains Alcohol in the toner and combined with the strong fragrance
I'm personally not too sure about how well tolerated this duo would be
if you have a sensitive to very sensitive skin.

I do love the packaging of the cleanser as it comes in an easy
to operate pump dispenser.
However the flip toner lid has my "pet peeve" a large hole, so if you're not
 careful the toner pours out and floods your cotton pad.
There are other products available in this range i.e Cleansing Wipes,
Cleansing Wash and Cleansing Cream.

This cleanser and toner are pretty basic and simple, but for the
price I quite enjoyed using both of these products.
It's a pity about the Alcohol content and for this reason I wouldn't personally
buy again, however if this isn't an issue for you and budget IS,
then you can't go wrong.

L'Oréal Fine Flowers Milk and Toner for Dry Sensitive Skins

Not available in SA



  1. So sad that we don't have them here... Such a great and affordable product but I think Loreal is like that as a brand they seem to not trust the SA market with their great stuff i.e. TrueMatch just saying.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, but you are quite right L'Oreal seem to tread cautiously here. I have recently just
      received via my son the "cosmetic mule" two L'Oreal make-up items the TrueMatch Highlight and the Bonjour Nudista skin tint, both of which I think would do well here but I somehow doubt they will be launched here, hopefully I'm proven wrong...

  2. These look interesting! Would definitely want to try it

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

    1. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment, hopefully they come to SA...

  3. These look lovely - I wish there was no alcohol content at all. Very odd for a product for sensitive skin! But I've been wanting to try the cleansing cream from the range, so I'd still give that a bash! xx

    1. I also assumed that being for Sensitive skin it would have no alcohol, but I knew it had, as soon as I read that the toner couldn't be used around the eyes and there on the ingredient list on the back was Alcohol.I would still say give the Cleansing Cream a try and its also very affordable...