Wednesday, 7 March 2018


The month of March has seriously "marched" its way to meet us far too quickly,
as it only seems literally two minutes ago since it was Christmas and no doubt
 many of you are feeling the same...

I have purposely kept my products that I'm currently reviewing to a minimum
this month, as I really do need to catch up with some of my reviews
from previous months.

I was recently sent two of these products to try and I have to admit
they're slightly pushing me 
out of my beauty comfort zone but read on to find out why.


Mineraline is an affordable skincare range enriched with Dead Sea Minerals
that's exclusively available at Dischem.
It has also just been re-packaged, re-formulated and re-launched 
and it seems to have some interesting products that I'm keen to try 
and report back to you guys on.
Generally I opt to use and review Anti-Ageing serums
from the more well know skincare brands, that often come with a heftier 
price tag,so this will be a worthwhile exercise to see if you really
do get more for your money.
I will be trying their anti-ageing serum
mineraline TIME IT!
As always you will have to wait for my post, as you know I try all of my
 new products for several months before writing any review, as it's only fair
 to, not only the brand, but to you my reader and of course
to my skin.

*Review Now Posted*



Just last week Sorbet Salons launched their own collection 
of make-up into selected Clicks stores countrywide.
 I picked up their one of their many foundations
Sorbet Face First 
SPF 15 Anti-ageing Foundation + Serum
I'm keen to put this to the test and let you know whether it's worth the
R289 price tag.

*Review Now Posted*


Another area of beauty that I'm trying for the very first time is 
Eyebrow Tinting. I've had my eyelashes tinted often, but never my eyebrows.
Being a trained Beauty Therapist
I think the last time I tinted any ones eyebrows was many, many years 
ago back when I had my own salon in the uk.
News Flash!
As we age grey hairs not only appear on our head, but yes they appear in
the eyebrows to and I have noticed for some time now several.

I thought I would have a go tinting my own at home with
RefecotCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
I want to cover up the grey hairs and not create dark obvious brows and for 
that reason I've chosen the shade Light Brown, so I'm hoping I've chosen correctly.
I like the fact that I'm able to be able to control the application 
and colour myself.

This should be fun, so check back and see how I get on.

*Review Now Posted*


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