Sunday, 28 October 2012


As I was walking along the Durban beach front in the rain yesterday, I was not expecting to discover a "Yummy" Hot Chocolate, but I did!

On the north end of Ushaka municipal car park you will find the "Coffee Guys" mobile espresso van, from sunrise every morning (except Mondays).They have a catering style coffee making machine all set up in the back of their van.These guys stand and are constantly making cups of "delish" coffee,cappuccinos,espresso and hot chocolates.....
The "Coffee Guys" have quite a following amongst the surfers and walkers and now it includes me...
My hot chocolate had a lovely thick creamy head on, just how I like it!
Their coffee prices start at R10 and hot "chocs" are R15.

If you are down on the beach front and fancy a good coffee or hot choc "on the go", then stop off and try the "Coffee Guys" I think you will be pleasantly surprised....I know I was!

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