Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Is the skin of a male the same, as the skin of a female? 
The answer is no!

"Can men use the same products as a female" alas this is not as easy to answer and the reason being, is that I would rather have my man use my skincare products than no products at all!

Today as much time and effort is spent on the Research & Development of male skincare and grooming ranges as there is on women's...there is still a relatively "untapped" & lucrative male market of "soap and water" users out there.

Many years ago if a man wanted to seriously care for his skin the products available to him were very limited, but today guys have a whole host of good branded ranges to invest in, so ideally they should buy a range that is specifically formulated for men.

Here are a couple facts as to why the skin differs...

Men's skin:

On average is 25% thicker than a females.

Is more oily due to Testosterone acting on the Sebaceous Glands causing them to be more active.

Is also firmer due to the fact that it contains more Collagen and Elastin fibres which give the support & elasticity to the skin.

Is weakened & sensitised daily by shaving and use of non specialised soaps. This results in the skin being more prone to redness,irritation,cuts and dehydration.

As you can see there are several significant differences, so next time you "man" is borrowing your moisturiser suggest he looks into buying his own range....with your help of course!

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