Sunday, 21 October 2012


I know the title of this post sounds very "glam"
Well it isn't, but it was a "Pedi" and it was done in France....

My big sis and I, on my recent trip to see her in France had a "pedi" afternoon.
We rounded up what we had..or she had more like, which wasn't very much I have to say, thank goodness for my hand cream that was used as a foot cream and travel shower gel that was used as a relaxing foot soak!

Washing up Bowl or a Foot Spa
which will it be?

The plastic washing up bowl wasn't what I actually had in mind, but she didn't have a Foot Spa...
(I thought every home had a Foot Spa judging from the amount that get sold every Christmas!)

Towels and products at the ready we had our "feet" pamper session and we managed to relaxingly soak, clip, file, massage and paint, so we didn't do too badly to say we really were not prepared for our impromptu pedicures.

Oh! did I mention that we actually didn't do the pedi's on each other, as I had my younger son with me on that trip, who thankfully loves giving pedicures and he does do a good one....I trained him well!

Thanks Scott..."I think I am needing to have one right now, so go get my nice "pedi" goodies out and I will be along when I have finished this post".

Hopefully my sister has recently read my blog re DIY pedicures to read click here and will be better prepared for my next visit! 

Hint Hint...


  1. Well you have given me the idea for a Christmas present....I now have a fancy nail kit and a fab little gizmo for hard skin so it's just the foot spa although what do I do with my washing up bowel!!!.... LOL

  2. Use it for what it was intended