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We have covered fragrance "Past its Best" in an earlier blog 

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Here are some tips for keeping your fragrance

"At its Best"

The 3 main "enemies" of your favourite "smellies" are heat, sunlight and air...

  1. Do not leave your fragrance in direct sunlight as the sun will affect the chemistry of the fragrance and it will soon change colour and deteriorate.
  2. Do not leave in the bathroom or store it in a bathroom cupboard, especially if your bathroom becomes very hot and steamy.
  3. Always keep it in a cool dark place and if need be keep it in the original box.
  4. Fridges are not ideal as this can distort the true fragrance.
  5. The only fragrance that I would recommend to be stored in the fridge would be an Eau de Cologne as the cooling effect can be wonderful on those hot sunny days.
  6. Always keep the lid on the atomiser and the cap screwed on tightly if its a bottle.
  7. Fragrances in dark bottles will keep longer than those fragrances sold in clear bottles.
  8. Never leave fragrance in your car, as even on a cool day the inside temperature is not conducive to keeping your fragrance "At its Best".
 Remember to use your fragrance daily 

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