Monday, 29 October 2012


No this is not about a "spray on" tan....Sprayology was only launched in SA in September,but has been around in the USA for the past 10 years....

Well! what is Sprayology  all about?

I recently attended a talk and Sprayology is a collection of Homeopathic and Vitamin Oral Sprays that have been developed using only the finest natural ingredients.They are doctor formulated and FDA regulated. Great news is that they are approved for use by children two years and upwards and what could be easier than a couple of quick sprays under their tongues? There are also no known contra indication or side effects and they don't interfere with the taking of any other medication.

They are stylishly packaged and great to carry around in your handbag.For me this is perfect as my handbag never leaves my side, therefore I would have no problem with forgetting to spray daily or when required. Another plus for me and for many, would be the fact they do not upset your stomach as conventional tablet or capsule vitamins can sometimes do, due to the fact that they are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

The collection comprises of 4 option categories each with sprays for specific needs.

o rejuvenate

The oral sprays in this group beauty group replenish the body’s supply of energy to relieve the symptoms of aging, helping you function at a more youthful level. All seven formulas in this collection help with age-related issues such as low energy, sex drive, menopause, weight loss and bone density.

o relieve

Common ailments are the focus of this collection.They are a cocktail of natural ingredients that have been formulated to alleviate the symptoms of everyday ailments such as sleeplessness, allergies, colds and flu, digestive issues, jet lag, hangovers.

o restore 

Sprayology works at the deepest levels to restore order and balance to the complex interplay of systems within the human body. When the body is not in balance it affects how we look and feel. This category works to restore the balance disturbed by stress, toxicity and hormonal fluctuations.

o rebuild

Vitamins are vital nutrients that our bodies need for energy, optimal functionality and to prevent disease. Our bodies cannot make all vitamins, so we must take them as part of our diet through the foods we eat and through supplementation.

The Key to a supplement’s effectiveness is its ability to transport an appropriate amount of the active ingredient into the bloodstream in a timely manner. Spraying the vitamin under the tongue allows absorption directly into the body. Additionally, the delivery of vitamins and minerals by a sublingual spray is convenient, easy and tastes great.

I tested one of the Homeopathic options and used the recommended two sprays under the tongue of the "Stress Relief". It's very easy to use and they really have very little taste....
I also had a spray of the "Daily Multi" which has a lovely taste of peach.

The prices range from R210 to R250 for a quantity of 41mls.
The Sprayology range is retailed through Jennifer Eales Skin Care Clinic and other leading beauty salons and wellness centres.

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