Thursday, 14 March 2013


Yet again! Durban longingly awaits another cosmetic house to find its way to our region...The UK range, Lush and the American range, Kiehls have recently opened their doors in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively. The house of Rain is a truly African brand and has currently eight shops around South Africa,one in the Netherlands and one in the USA, but alas no retail shops in Kwa Zulu Natal!

Rain’s small rural factory specializes in the creation of handmade, African-inspired products imbued with the care, passion and laughter that is the cornerstone of their work ethic. Today they have a wide range of bathroom and bathing accessories, but when they started in 1999 in a disused railway shed, body and bath products were their first love and they remain the heart of the business. The products are formulated from oils made from indigenous, wild-harvested plants sourced throughout Southern Africa. Creative inspiration and utmost attention to detail is a Rain trademark, as it is their commitment to use materials sourced in Africa wherever possible. Products are presented in 100% handmade gift packaging that is recyclable and deliberately multi-purpose.

When you enter a Rain boutique you instantly feel a "calm" come over you, not only from the wonderful fragrance of all the delights that Rain has to offer, but also from the decor of the shop, which is simple, but also soothing and calming....
The stores are merchandised well and its easy to follow the different ranges that they have on display...Rain can definitely hold its head up high with many of the best imported and more expensive brands, that are available in our shopping malls!....and to be honest I challenge anyone to go into a rain store and be able to resist purchasing a little piece of beauty from Africa!

As you know I love all types of Home fragrance and Rain has an extensive range of affordable home products.

I decided to show you one of their cute ceramic diffusers and I love the fact that you can buy either the sticks or the branches. The holders also come in three colours that will blend in with any decor scheme.

The Diffuser fragrance range is available in:

Sundried Lavender (my favourite)
African Cucumber
Black Amber
Saffron and Tangerine

I will be bringing you and telling you more about Rain in future posts!

You can order online by visiting their website

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